2014 NFL Mock Draft Top 10 - Version 7

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1. Houston Texans - Johnny Manziel, QB

Yes I am going there. The Texans need an offensive spark and Manziel can do all the things that Bridgewater can expect he has done so against top ranked opponents while Bridgewater has not. So why not take the Texas native and Heisman trophy winner?

2. St. Louis Rams - Jake Matthews, OT

From Washington - Protecting Bradford is key so it makes sense that they take the best offensive lineman in the draft.

3. Atlanta Falcons - Jadeveon Clowney, DE

One of the best prospects to ever enter the draft. The Falcons sure as heck won't pass him up.

4. Minnesota Vikings - Teddy Bridgewater, QB

Like the Texans, Quarterback problems hurt the Vikings greatly so why not take the highly praised prospect when he falls onto your lap.

5. Buffalo Bills - Cyrus Kouandjio, OT

A strong run blocker who could be a huge upgrade for their struggling offensive line.

6. Cleveland Browns - Derek Carr, QB

Overrated? A bit but quarterbacks are going fast so they have to take one while they can.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Sammy Watkins, WR

A speedy young receiver who would be great opposite of Jackson. He'd be a great weapon for Glennon to throw to.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars - Anthony Barr, OLB

Where do you go if you are the Jaguars, who need fixing on both sides of the ball. Only quarterback worth taking in the first who is left is Brett Hundley and he will need years to develop and even then their terrible offensive line and run game could very well turn him into another Blaine Gabbert (a first round bust). So in my opinion, Take the best player available and that's Barr. His skill set is similar to Clowney's and he would be a massive boost to their weak linebacker corp.

9. Oakland Raiders - Mike Evans, WR

A big receiver who can catch anything thrown to him no matter the coverage. He'd be a huge help to their struggling passing game.

10. St. Louis Rams - Louis Nix, DT

A run stopper who would be a perfect fit to their already stacked defensive line.

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I like Johnny football but he will 100% flop in the NFL.

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@roulettethedog: He's not really a good passer. If he runs a lot in the league he will get smashed.

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He has improved his passing/pocket presence quite a bit this season but keep in mind he has only been playing for 2 years and despite that he has already achieved a lot. I feel he would have won it again this season if Texas A&M's defense didn't suck so much.

That being said, He is far more deserving of the top pick over Bridgewater. I mean let's face it, Bridgewater faced unranked teams all year with a rather good overall team. Wanna know who Manziel lost to this season? Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and Missouri and the only team to really shut him down was LSU. Everyone else was a close match-up and in the end, The defense cost them the game and not Manziel. He put up similar stats to Bridgewater as well.

So tell me, How can you (not you personally, just people in generally) give Bridgewater the top spot over Manziel when Manziel has faced and has beaten the best college football has to offer while Bridgewater is facing chumps and padding his stats?