2014 NFL Mock Draft Top 10 - Version 6

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1. Atlanta Falcons - Jadeveon Clowney, DE

The Falcons have a terrible defense and could use a lot of help. Clowney, being one of the best prospects to enter the draft, makes a lot of sense to take here.

2. Houston Texans - Teddy Bridgewater, QB

Schaub isn't the answer and neither is Keenum. So why not take the best quarterback in the draft?

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - Johnny Manziel, QB

Great arm, Very accurate, and a real threat with his legs. Hard to make a case for Mariota when a far superior version of him is available.

4. Minnesota Vikings - Marcus Mariota, QB

Still worthy of a top 5-10 pick. Mariota can make all the throws and has the speed to be a legit threat in the NFL. Makes sense to take him considering all the problems the Vikings have at quarterback.

5. St. Louis Rams - Jake Matthews, OT

The Rams need to protect Bradford. What better way to do so by taking the best offensive lineman in the draft.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Sammy Watkins, WR

A young, speedy receiver who could be a great addition to the rebuilding Buccaneers who seem to have found their franchise quarterback in Glennon. So why not add another weapon for him to throw to opposite of Jackson.

7. Buffalo Bills - Cyrus Kouandjio, OT

A good run blocker who can protect the quarterback, something the Bills desperately need to do, and boost the run game.

8. Oakland Raiders - Taylor Lewan, OT

Another team that needs to protect their quarterback if they want long term success. Lewan could fill a hole on their offensive line and give their quarterback much needed protection.

9. New York Giants - Anthony Barr, OLB

Barr is a beast with talents similar to Clowney. He'd provide a much needed upgrade to the Giants' weak linebacker corp.

10. Cleveland Browns - Derek Carr, QB

Maybe a bit of reach here but with quarterbacks going fast, The Browns need to make a move and snatch up Carr while they still can. Has bust potential due to lack of quality opponents faced but no doubt about it that he is a far better quarterback than what they have now.

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Mariota wont go that high, neither will manziel

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With so many teams desperate for a quarterback, They will go early and they will go fast. Safe to say Bridgewater is a top 2 pick easily. Browns and Vikings have shown interest in Manziel and if either are given a top 10 pick, I think they'd go for him. That is where Mariota and Carr comes in, The team who loses out on Manziel will take one of the two. Let's not forget about the Jaguars either, Who are dead set on taking a quarterback with their top pick.

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None of these"top"qbs will do good in the nfl. I have a feeling qbs will take a back seat again

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Very true but when a team is desperate, They will try anything and hope it fits.

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I highly doubt Manziel is going to be first round.

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He has been shown interest by Vikings and Browns and a lot of experts, even those who didn't list him in the first before, have him going in the first.