What yall think??

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Hey just checking what yall think?? if ya like union with the new topics going up and if you think theres more to be done or if we should return to how it was before
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The union has been reborned.

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exactly what i want to hear
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Gofire, You've done an EXCELLENT job as leader. Very proactive, very determined. *applause*
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thx and all you have officers have definitly helped
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hey, the union is looking fantastic, well done
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yea thx for your help sis
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no prob
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more peeps have bin joining...............

i invited them!


chao are the best

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yea that really makes me relieved i thought i wasnt gona do good at being a leader
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Heh Heh!
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hah hah
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Excellente Gofire3. The Board is better. That's why I rejioned.
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now thats what i wanted to hear any ideas on what we should make as a topic and one topic to include recruits too