Sixth Gen Issues qq

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So since playing the new Pokémon game I have found I have the exact opposite problem this gen than I had last gen. Fifth Gen I went through the whole game with practically only my starter as I completely hated every single new damn pokemon and nothing was worth my time catching, how relieved I was when black and white 2 came about and I could catch good Pokémon again.

However! this time there are just too many damn Pokémon I want to catch and train! Hell the first Pokémon I ran into in the grass was a Pidgey which made all my Gen 1 fanboyisms go wild, along with a catepie and weedle, hell when I ran into the forest I was swarmed by Pikachu, found many a rioulu, hell even the new pokemon all seem awesome.

At the moment I am way too over levelled, around 35 before even reaching the second gym (Pokémon Amie exp boosts and super training combined with EXP share make the game way too easy). and I am struggling to decide which pokemon to keep in my party. At the moment my party consists of a Charmelon, Frogadier, Combusken, Tyrunt, Slyveon and a Pikachu, but there is so many awesome pokemon just sitting in my box, which for some reason I had to max super train them all.....

Sigh, this gen is looking to be a massive fan service Gen, especially with all the favourite Pokémon so easy to obtain early on, you have access to practically all the eveevolutions, Lucario and the many new good looking designs, I may of hated the ice cream and rubbish bag but that haunted sword sure looks sweet and gogoat is probably the first grass type I have not hated in a long time <.<

So yeah, pointless rambling aside, great Gen it seems, even if it is just far too damn easy. Now all we need is for Gym leaders to have coherent teams with a strategy for their Pokémon types rather than just all random one type leaders <.<'

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My big problem is actually the new Exp. Share, combined with the fact that they removed the way that Exp. gain was affected by level disparity. The two changes combined mean that it's next to impossible to have low level pokemon catch up with higher level pokemon. If you want your lower level pokemon to gain experience, the higher level pokemon will just keep pulling ahead due to the shared experience. 50% experience is just too much.

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Yeah I just did the second Gym, my Tyrunt and Sylveon are level 32 but my goddamn Blaziken is level 40 now. Have not had a chance to use him in forever due to the fact he counts as a traded pokemon from the event and worse with maximum affection just skyrockets his level.

Most trainers I am running into are barely hitting level 28, most of my team is 36 besides the three already stated. This game just got way too easy.

Oh well I will have to do a Nuzlocke run when pokemon bank comes up with the third rule, no exp share added in.