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It is my birthday today and I got a xrocker today from Arogs.

I have a Playstation 3 and it is connected to my HDTV also from Argos.

So I connect them up with the HD cable but I don't have a clue how I set up the XRocker with the PS3 can anyone tell me how I can connect them together.


The XRocker


I still want to be on High Defintion is that possible?


The XRocker's side control panel


My TV's control panel

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The pictures are too big.  I can't even see them.
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Sorry, I'll try and resize them.


EDIT: There thats them resized is that easier to see?

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your tv is not even HD dude it only has composite use that for the chair and the chair sould have with another wire to go to the tv


lol nvm didnt look at the LINKS for the tv 


ok easy PS3 with hdmi to TV then hook up the composite cables red white yellow to your chair and the ps3 select in options the composite for audio and your set 

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Crazy87 thank you so much for helping me set it up. I am using it right now. Thanks again!
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THANK YOU I had the same problem and now it works! :D