Why are next-gen console games crashing?

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Recently a couple of my PS4 games have crashed (closed completely and sent me back to the Home screen). I looked online and apparently the Xbox One does this too. I've never seen console games close automatically like this, usually they'll just freeze.

Are Sony and Microsoft turning these consoles into smartphones? ;)

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This has never happened with my xbox one....

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@tendoboy1984: To be honest I think the CPU's are being overloaded and aren't able to keep up. My PS4 crashed several times. I'm not playing anymore as I'm waiting until next year but you have a good point. Being that these consoles are programmed specifically for the software prior to release I find this unusual that these crashes continue to occur. The little bit I played Xbox One I didn't experience any crashes that I can remember. But personally I think they severely underpowered these consoles with that garbage CPU. It's just too damn slow. These games coming out are way too complex for sorry CPU's like the PS4 and Xbox One use. I know the GPU does most of the work but the CPU still has it's job to do and is incapable of keeping up. Sony could have stepped it up just a little bit more. I mean the Note 4 has a 2.3 GHZ processor for goodness sakes. That's super sad Sony.

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because all of the previous and current generation systems have dedicated os and they all eventually crash due to various problems... ps3 would freeze up and when one finally got bored of waiting, on would press the power button and the system would shut down after a brief moment with three beeps... ps4 freezes up and you can close the application and get back to the main screen, which is still annoying but not as much, so there is progress... :D

ps: @RimacBugatti, you know those cpu clock speeds do not mean a thing and that the cpus have a complete different architectures...

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The new hardware hasn't fully stabilized, that's one of the reasons they are taking their time adding additional features through firmware updates.

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Software crashes... bare in mind aswell that these new consoles are based on the same architecture as your computer... more going on, more can go wrong.

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Remember when you had to blow in the Nintendo cartridge to get it to work? All consoles and software has its problems. Even high end pc's have their share of problems.

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@marcheegsr said:

Remember when you had to blow in the Nintendo cartridge to get it to work? All consoles and software has its problems. Even high end pc's have their share of problems.

Amen to that. Just go into the PC forum right now, someone has built a very expensive high-end PC and every game he's playing is stuttering, even old ones. All software have their fair share of problems, good thing is they eventually get worked out.

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considering that the early cartridge based systems' games are within the mini games of the current generation games, i am quite happy with a few crashes here and there...

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it hasn't happend to my PS4

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I didn't realize this was an issue, but frankly it doesn't surprise me. Back in the days where game systems were just game systems, the designers really only had to focus on one thing: the console's ability to play games. Nowadays, consoles have all these extra features, chips, buttons, ports, etc, and the games are so much more complex, so it doesn't surprise me that they crash, because sadly, our consoles just aren't the same as they use to be. The designers have to rush every aspect of the console instead of fine tuning one single aspect, which results in poorer quality in the long run. Long live the 7th gen!

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yeah that's what's an update mean right! Win a PS4 here

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@superclocked said:

This has never happened with my xbox one....

Well then.. stay your butt at the XboxOne's forums.