Who would like to see a reboot of these games

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Poll: Who would like to see a reboot of these games (20 votes)

Soul reaver 10%
Midnight club 30%
Tenchu 20%
Shenmue 10%
other game please state 30%

I would love to see Tenchu and midnight club. I love tenchu after my fill of MGS. Midnight club was great but there are a ton of racing games out these days. There aren't enough stealth games on the current gen PS4 system. I didn't play shenmue since it was another system besides Playstation. I have never had another system besides Sony except Atari 2600 which was given to me.

I just read this article on gaming 24/7 and they pose this question.

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I also played soul reaver but not into to mystical,dark magic nor horror games anymore. I don't really look at RE series as horror more action adventure accept maybe RE 2 which was scary.

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TimeSpitters and Resident Evil

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shenmue hd and shenmue 3 please

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I voted Other. A remake of Legend of Dragoon would be pretty awesome. It was among the best RPGs of the ps1 era.

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Yea another midnight club would be awesome.

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@bunchanumbers said:

I voted Other. A remake of Legend of Dragoon would be pretty awesome. It was among the best RPGs of the ps1 era.

Yeah def agree with ya on Legend of Dragoon. Was an amazing game for its time. I would also like to see a complete reboot of the RE series. Parasite Eve remake. And a Final Fantasy VII remake would be awesome. Also, a more up to date Legend of Legaia would be cool.

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Onimusha 1-4 HD remakes plus a new one.

Rogue Galaxy 2 would be great too.

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Parasite Eve


Legend of Legaia

Silent Hill no more stupid western developers, go back to Japanese weirdness

Resident Evil Outbreak reboot, make it play smoother online now.

Blood Roar, in fact I'm still waiting for a fighting game/RPG where you have free roaming open world, then when you engage battle it seamlessly transforms to HD 1080p fighting game engine with new zoom in camera for finishing moves etc. It would be like playing a typical HD RPG and fighting game at the same time. This could be any fighting game RPG hybrid world.

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The Last of Us

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Crash Bandicoot

Legend of Dragoon

Syphon Filter

Wild Arms

and these mentioned here:

@yixingtpot said:

Parasite Eve

Legend of Legaia

Also, if Insomniac could take Spyro back to the franchise he once was, I'd take that over everything above. It will never happen though, sadly.

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i want a sequel to black...

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I like the RE outbreak and syphon filter choices. I love in 'outbreak where you play together opening doors and giving items to each other etc. There are so many untouched genres that have not been done on ps4

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@MondasM: they have, its called Bodycount but the plot has nothing to do with Black.

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i have played bodycount but it wasn't anything like black, as a matter of fact i disliked how you could not move while ads, like late re (after 4) series, the premise was ok but the controls made me want to head-butt a column... :)

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Tenchu for sure

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Tenchu and Shenmue.

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Tenchu would be awesome. Especially with some of the stealth games that are newer, the mechanics could be really good, plus the time period isn't over done so it would be pretty cool to play in.

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Id love to see a new Road Rash game that would be awesome. It will always remain a mystery to me as to why I haven't seen an installment in this series for last 14 years.

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Shadow Man

The first game was amazing and the second one was beyond crap.