Which next gen FPS are you playing at launch

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Killzone is an automatic purchase for me at launch, but I haven't made up my mind b/w Battlefield and COD yet. For context, I've been gaming primarily on PC for the last 2-3 yrs... Battlefield 3 was my shooter of choice on PC. The last COD I enjoyed was Modern Warfare 2... But I'm kind of interested in getting back into the fast paced, perk, upgrade system they created.

I will enjoy both single payer and multi player on Killzone, but for the other two, the only thing that matters for me is online... Which means the members of the PS4 community playing the game matters even more with those games. So which ones will you be playing?

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Ill be playing Killzone SF for campaign an BF4 for strictly multiplayer. I have a feeling im going to spend countless hours playing bf4 online just as I did with bf3.

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Killzone will be my first Next Gen FPS

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i am getting KZ BF and Cod. BF for my multiplayer by myself. COD for split screen multiplayer, and KZ for campaign and multiplayer

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killzone SF

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If I bought a ps4 I would play killzone.

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KZ/CoD. I'm doing the same as most people who are getting both, playing KZ for the single player and CoD strictly for multiplayer. KZ multiplayer does look pretty interesting though... I'll have to give it a go.

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BF4 - already playing now but can't wait for the next gen graphics and 64 players :)

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Battlefield 4 for sure

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I'm getting both KZ and BF4 at launch.

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I'm going with Killzone simply because of the single player, I enjoyed it in previous games and everything I have seen so far indicates the campaign will once again be great. Of course the multiplayer as always looks very good. I don't really play too much online however it's a nice addition. Hopefully there is some kind of co-op or survival modes.

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Bf4 if it's not broken but I don't have much hope for that so more than likely Killzone.