what is your worse track

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#1 Posted by GARRYTH (6870 posts) -
what is your worse track in ridge race. mine is circle island for some reason i can't get use to the turns in that one. im on  number 14 on grand pre. i have done alot of racing to get there. is that the last one. i still got some ufra racing left. what is your fav. drift type so for i would have to say normal drift for me. dymate is little wierd i have to get use to it. fun game though.
#2 Posted by psyum (3268 posts) -

mmm i guess a lot of tracks....

i dont really like ridge racer....i bought it along with r:fom

but, not half as good

i play it once in a while but i dont really put much effort into it....

am i wrong or is ridge racer dont deserve the 8 game spot gave it?

for me its a little over rated...but thats just me