What is the best PS3 theme?

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#1 Posted by NonRock (60 posts) -

What do you think, what is the best PS3 theme?? Please I need a good new theme.......

And yeah, post ur opinion about the best theme :D

#2 Posted by Naylord (705 posts) -
a lot of those custom sexy girl themes that contain a good tileset with multiple sexy backgrounds. I generally switch between those.
#3 Posted by NonRock (60 posts) -
Beside those... But where can I get all themes???
#4 Posted by iamshivy (3565 posts) -
i got the best theme. its home icons with the everyday shooter blue 3d blocks back ground pic in 1080p ,, altho it ssays in the bottom right hand corner. a queasy game lol
#5 Posted by wolf17393 (64 posts) -

id like to know where to get some good themes too :P if u get any sites let me know via message :)

i currently get my themes from


i downloaded 1 theme which i am using atm and i have the icons from a apple mac pc :) its cool ! :P

my background i got seperatly lol :D

#6 Posted by child_of_lileth (4066 posts) -
im still usin the free mgs4 theme from the psn store. i just like how it makes the icons look. and plus the background always changes so it keeps it from gettin boring too fast
#7 Posted by QuebecSuperstar (4178 posts) -

My favourite (and the one that I've been using for months) is Oriental Garden.

#8 Posted by bloodling (5822 posts) -

Here's the FFVII theme I customized with new backgrounds but only for SD display. Change the font and theme color.

Also, lower the brightness a bit to be able to see the text well.

#9 Posted by ash10692 (2310 posts) -
You can get them off the internet? If you do that do you have to use a USB data stick to transfer the data?
#10 Posted by wolf17393 (64 posts) -

nope go onto www.ps3-themes.com on ur ps3 internet browser and u can download them straight onto your ps3 :)

simple xD

#11 Posted by CookieGoat (142 posts) -

You can get them off the internet? If you do that do you have to use a USB data stick to transfer the data?ash10692

No, you download them with your ps3.

#12 Posted by ash10692 (2310 posts) -
Right, thanks guys. I'll give that a try now.
#13 Posted by lantus (10591 posts) -

For official ones, I like the Mirror's Edge and LittleBigPlanet(Only in Qore) themes.

#14 Posted by 5FingersOfDeath (1114 posts) -
The new Pain one with the booty chick...
#15 Posted by avataraang1 (5436 posts) -
New mirrors edge one.
#16 Posted by Kandros (528 posts) -
The Bioshock one from PSN
#18 Posted by burstlimit514 (644 posts) -

god of war chains of olympus theme!


#19 Posted by NSR34GTR (13179 posts) -
the mgs4 theme
#20 Posted by king23_ (18170 posts) -
The original theme.
#21 Posted by TyDogg25 (25 posts) -
I use the Killzone 2 theme, but I might be diggin' around for a new one soon enough
#22 Posted by warbmxjohn (6014 posts) -
I just google ps3 themes and pick from all the options.. Right now my fave is a south park theme with multiple changing backgrounds and hilarious tiles
#23 Posted by avataraang1 (5436 posts) -
Anyone know a good theme with sounds
#24 Posted by gtyu (570 posts) -
metal gear solid 4 theme of course.
#25 Posted by Shawtymann (2561 posts) -

i've been using this one for quite some time. Its called Manga

allps3themes.com has some of the best themes

#26 Posted by HeroKen-ii (458 posts) -

Go on google and look it up or you can make your own.

Best of luck.

#27 Posted by G-Legend (7295 posts) -

Official themes: MGS4 theme or Ratchet and Clank because it has game sounds, and good wallpapers and icons.

User Made: Mario 8 bit FTW im using that right now it's great, plus I have a 8-bit Avatar to go with the theme so retro :D