What do you guys think about Child of Light so far?

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I was only able to play for about a hour or so yesterday but I did enjoy it. The combat system is pretty dope too. First time playing a game with a combat system like this, the time bar at the bottom is awesome.

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loving it!!!

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I'm hearing nothing but positive things, downloading the demo to try it out but I already plan to purchase the full game.

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it is an amazing and stunning game, the combat system needs a little getting used to but the learning curve is not steep and not long... i definitely recommend it...

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Best game I've played this year...

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It's very good. Few nitpicks, particularly how abrupt the game calls it quits, but it's a well-designed passion project on an engine that would be incredibly underutilized otherwise.

I'm still particular towards DS2 on PC (that game is incredible), but otherwise it's at the top of my list of games thus far. Very much looking forward to Valiant Hearts as a consequence.