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How do you get past the wep security restrictions on the wi-fi network? I live in an apartment complex and they have free wifi, but there's a glitch in the network and now it has a wep code. So how do you get past the encryption without knowing the password?
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WEP encryption isn't safe and theres ways to hack it, but I don't have a clue how. Also, a WEP key isn't a "glitch" it's a security code, the way a key might be to a locked door.

If your apartment has "free" wifi, then maybe you should talk to the management and ask for the WEP key because if it is free then they should give it to you because theres no real way to get on without the WEP key unless you hack it and who expects you to hack free wifi? Management may have put a WEP key on it so that only the residents could log into the internet and not just anyone driving by who could leach free internet and do illegal activity.

On the other hand if you simply "thought" the internet was free because someone wasn't using any encryption, then I bet hacking would be too advanced for you and you should stop leaching.