Was it hard to get your ps4 on launch without pre-ordering?

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My wife bought mine at Shoppers Drug Mart and went there just before they opened and came home to surprise me,no one thinks of good ol Shoppers,so it was a piece of cake,it is were she bought me my Wii U as well on launch,and yes its been working fine knock on wood!

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My cousin Didnt Pre order. Walked into Walmart a minute passed Midnight and scored one. My other cousin on the other hand waited 16 hours First in line and got one. They had no issues. Me, I pre ordered :) I was also first in Line lol only waited a couple hours. My friend didnt pre order either and showed up to the same Walmart and got a spot. For 12 hours straight there were still 13 available PS4's at Walmart. I texted most my friends and 3 of them got lucky. The rest were random people that got lucky. My Walmart wasnt as busy PS4 launch night because everyone was at Best Buy and Gamestop. Even if i didnt pre order, i would have still been able to get one regardless.

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I just waited in line at the Walmart I work at for about 3 hours with about 20 or so other people even though there were only 18 PS4 available. I also bought Killzone Shadow Fall while I was waiting line.

It was well worth the wait. The PS4 is awesome, and so is Killzone and Black Flag!

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Ordered it from Amazon 11:30 p.m. before launch. Came Monday. No problem. Screw waiting in line.

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Happy you all got one,I dont think they will be as hard to get as the PS3 but I could be wrong.Thanks for sharing,I was just curious and yes it is a great system!I bought BF4,Killzone,Need For Speed Rivals,upgraded with my 10$ credit for Assassins Creed 4 which was a bonus,COD Ghosts and Injustice and lovin it!

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I think if Sony had produced 5 million consoles at launch they would have already sold so it's Sony's fault for not opening more factories and pumping more consoles for launch.

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I went to Walmart around 6pm and I was the second person in line.