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I know many of the games save files are stored on the vita card. However what happens when i buy a game digitally? I finished Persona 4 golden and want to delete the data but keep the saves so i can get the remaining trophies later. If i delete the game data (since its digital) will i lose my saves??? and make it that much harder to get the rest of the trophies later on?

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If you delete the game data, you're deleting everything (including the save). To keep it, either back-up the game data to a PS3, or PC.

Alternatively, if you have PS+ you can just upload your save to the cloud and then delete the game.

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Save data copying is very broken, in terms of copying to a PC. Yes, deleting a game will delete its save data, unfortunately, and yes, all your progress is lost. You can copy the whole game (including its save data) to your PC with CMA, but there's no way to only copy only the save data, unfortunately, so you'll be stuck with a massive game file that can't be separated from your save. The really stupid thing about this is that PS Plus copies all your save data (separate from the main game) flawlessly, which proves that it's perfectly possible to separate the game data from the save data. If you've got PS Plus and plan to keep up your subscription, this solution works great, but otherwise, you're stuck backing up the entire game on your PC. So in short, to keep your save data intact after deletion: Either back up your saves to PS Plus, or copy the entire game onto your PC.
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Thanks I have PS+ I had totally forgot about Vita cloud saves!