Vita Memory Card??

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I'm thinking about getting the 3g model, and was curious if I could transfer all my save data via the memory card.

For instance, I've unlocked almost all of the challenges on Mortal Kombat for the Vita... were I to keep the memory card and put it in a different Vita, would my data be there?
Thank you!

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I've got the oppertunity to buy a 3g model right now, but I have to act quickly!
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Yeah, you can change cards. The only issue I could see is if you're logged in to a different account on the new Vita, but there's no reason for that... Unless there are games that tie themselves to a specific Vita... Anyone know anything about this?
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I think your safe as long as your using the same PSN account/game card/memory card on the 3G Vita.

If you don't use the same psn, I do know that you will be forced to delete game data/reinstall if you wish to earn trophies.

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Most games save to the card itself, and you can also backup the data with content manager onto PS3 or PC.