Upcoming PS Vita games.

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Is there a list or website someone could show me that has all the games known so far that are indevelopment? Gamespot's new release idoesnt show anything really and I just want to see what to get excited for and what not. Shank you's.

#2 Posted by Gxgear (10425 posts) -

Little King Story

Soul Sacrifice

Persona 4 Golden


Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors sequel

Call of Duty

Assassin's Creed

Little Big Planet

Playstation All Star Battle Royale




Ragnarok Odyssey

Street Fighter x Tekken

Jet Set Radio



Sine Mora

Dragon Crown

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here http://au.gamespot.com/forums/topic/29203425/massive-list-of-games-coming-out-in-2012---must-see-for-all-vita-owners?page=0
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Thank you both, there are a lot of good games coming out! LBP, Fifa, Madden, Sly, Silent Hill, All Stars, Spy Hunter, Assasins Creed, Need for Speed and maybe Cod and Smart are all buys for me. If I can afford all them haha....

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Retro City Rampage looks awesome. Dunno if it came out yet, but it's slated for a Summer release I guess.