This should be obvious (least to me) but who likes the trend of remastered games

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Posted by ewalthour (830 posts) 9 months, 21 days ago

Poll: This should be obvious (least to me) but who likes the trend of remastered games (18 votes)

Yes 17%
no 33%
I only want rebooted games with updated mechanics and total redone graphics 44%
other, explain 17%

I chatted with bezza from this poll about RE 1 being remastered and I have a serious concern with all these games getting remastered. My biggest issue is the fact that nothing drastically will be done to these games and TLOU was almost a port other than 60 FPS added. If you read most reviews of TLOU the graphics are a minimum upgrade.

My largest concern is the price being $50-$60 for games that should be $30-$40 if nothing drastically has changed. Now with RE1 i don't even consider that the best game of the series. If they should have rebooted one of the RE games it should have been Re2. RE 2 was my favorite RE game besides outbreak one or RE 4. I know RE1 remastered is coming from the WI version but its still is only getting cosmetic changes and a new camera angle and slight changes to the stiff outdated control mechanics. A reboot would be worth $60 if the story was changed around, complete redone cutscenes and gameplay that allow you to move and shoot at the same time etc. Oh and the graphics must be completely redone(NEXT GEN LEVEL) and not just a few touches here and there.

Now after TLOU is remastered we have RE1, Sleeping Dog and rumour of beyond 2 soul is also probably coming. This is a quick cash grab with very little more than likely 6 months of time spent by developers to remaster a game. Its pathetic that they have the nerve to charge $60(which is AAA new IP type of cash). I want buy any of these games to defy these changes in game trends so this foolishness doesn't get out of hand. As far as I am concern it is already out of hand but they will not get my cash.

I know new IP's take 3-5 yrs to make and cost a ton of money. But why do we want uninspired, unimaginable and plain old dead IP's that should stay dead(unless rebooted) ? The only developer which I have stated before that can get away with a remaster is Rockstar. Anything rockstar does is always high quality and worth your money whether you actually end up liking the game. GTA5 looks like the graphics are almost completely redone. The game looks like a totally different game. I can't wait to see all the upgrades the game has to offer. Maybe you guys can educate me but rockstar doesn't charge for all these packs and DLCs. Just look on psn+ and see not only is TLOU $50 but they are charging for all these new caps and weapons that should have been included with the remastered version.

My question is where will this remastered craze end? I hope it ends soon when these games are boycotted or banned by the consumers. So I reason with gamers to not continue putting up with this nonsense.

Slightly off topic, I wander if Uncharted 4 is going to be a great game with all these people still leaving. I wander if naughty dog remastered TLOU because they have money issues and have internal problems in their company. I respect naughty dog for the games they make but I don't care for TLOU and how it was done for ps4.

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I meant bezza from this ps4 board.

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I think those who never owned a previous gen console would at least appreciate remakes somehow, but for those who did, will probably consider it a cash-grab and waste of effort/time/money. lol xD

And also, TLOU was mainly targeted for audience/gamers that have never played the game before but then it got overhyped by those who have already played the game and overshadowed the original purpose of the remaster (since there was also a petition for it signed by thousands of people XD) but of course, they still should've put more effort into it and make it live up to the ps4 graphic expectations.

I'm definitely not with Sleeping Dogs, but I'm board with probably Beyond Two Souls (because I'm one of those who haven't played it yet. har-har) and totally GTA V! I agree, GTA V looks like a completely different game, gotta give rockstar credit for that.

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Remasters have been happening since arcade games were being ported to early home console systems. They just seem incredibly prominent as of now because there isn't much else to play.

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Nope, gameplay only thing that matters. Industry playing on nostalgia and is one of the worst milking strategies imo. For that generation, yes those games were good, but at the end of the day a remastered game ends up being just a pretty skin. Many older games can't hold a candle to the modern developments that have been made the last decade (for example, GTA3 vs GTA5).

A proper remastered should be a standalone reboot like DMC, worst Dante ever btw.

Anyways, I don't think its a trend that will last past 2 years. The issue is surprised told all you non believers, the PS4 is a $400 PC that can't even handle 1080p or 60 FPS without sacrificing one or the other. Ever since PS4 and SONY hyped the hell out of that crap, which all PC gamers knew was BS, we are now seeing the backlash and long list of failed promises. Nearly every game is either saying, the game will run 30 FPS, may not be 1080p, release pushed back a year, etc. I mean some people on this forum ACTUALLY believe a PS4 could run Witcher 3 at maximum settings LMFAO! Until the devs learn to optimize properly, we will be stuck with indies, remasters, and well shitty games for I'd say the next 2 years. It took roughly 2 years on PS3 till the developers knew how to make well "next gen" worthy stuff aka Killzone 2.

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I don't have a problem with it, I wouldn't mine seeing a DMC remastered collection!!

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If it's done well, and adds to the original experience, then I have no problems with it... I've bought & enjoyed playing Tomb Raider again & more recently LoU. And I'll be buying Metro Redux & Master Chief Collection.

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At the end of the day, nobody is forcing you to buy it. Don't like it, don't buy it...pretty simple really.

If it is a way to keep some developers in profit and therefore able to continue to make new games, there really is no down side to it.

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@hitmanactual: I think the main problem is that it is all we seem to be seeing at the moment. Aside from a few isolated titles, the bulk of the stuff that has been released on PS4 so far has been made up of superficial remakes.

The HD remasters on the PS3 from the PS2 at least provided tangible improvements - proper widescreen support, HD graphics and trophies. Meanwhile, the PS4 remasters seem to bump up the res from 720p to 1080p, increase the FPS slightly and...that's about it really. And unlike the HD remasters on PS3, they're actually charging full whack for individual games.

I've played through most of what I want to play on the PS4, and now it's collecting dust except for the occasional round of Resogun because I've already played most of what's coming out on the PS3. Now most of my playtime has been devoted to my Wii U, as it's the only system that seems to have any worthy games.

Sure, nobody is "forcing" us to buy these remakes, but when these remakes are taking the place of proper new releases, I do have to wonder what the point of next-gen really is.

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This happens every generation.

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@hrt_rulz01 said:

If it's done well, and adds to the original experience, then I have no problems with it... I've bought & enjoyed playing Tomb Raider again & more recently LoU. And I'll be buying Metro Redux & Master Chief Collection.

Same here really looking forward to metro redux and Halo collection and i'm really enjoying Tomb Raider The Definitve Edition too.

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if i have been totally satisfied with a game, and have nıt been able to spend that much time with it, i might think of buying the remastered version (as in tlou), other than that let bygones be bygones... :D

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@hrt_rulz01: hey metro redux and the other game you mention aren't fulll price just like the walking dead games coming out are $30. I am cool with a port being half price when they barely did anything to Improve the game. My main issue is the price of these so called remastered games which is a sexy word for port. Ports usually upgrade the graphics somewhat and give dlc's as a package that was originally nickeled and dimed to the original game.

Tombraiders was a well done port although I didn't rebuy it after playing the ps3 version. I get the argument that these developers are going for the non ps3 people who never played the original game but they also should target people who had the game before. Sony know people sold there ps3 to get a ps4 since everyone doesn't keep every console they brought. Don't sell it for $60 then I want have a gripe with it. If Sony continues remastering I just don't buy the games. You can call it remastered, reboot redone or whatever just as long as it's half price. I just don't see people begging for a remaster of RE 1.

I also acknowledge the pc guy comment with ps4 will take time before games get true 1080p and 60fps w/o sacrificing other aspects of the game.

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I appreciate remasters, especially if it's a favorite franchise or I've never played the games before, but I'd rather them pump out new games in the franchise or new IPs all together. Remasters are nice once in a while, but there have been a lot recently. Give me new games!

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the upscaled TLOU junk should only cost $20 tops... like all the stupid PS3 upscaled junk. I feel ripped off buying the new Oddworld HD remaster for $30, it should have cost about $15 most... it has updated graphics but crappy loose analog controls and no original digital control option. TLOU looks good but it's the same game so $50 is way too much even if you hadn't played or owned the PS3 version, no way they should charge $50 for it, talk about double dipping.

If they reboot Parasite Eve and make a completely new modern game/graphics engine that works then I'd pay for that, but this cheap upscale BS, no way... I'll wait for that junk to hit the $20 or less price point before I ever consider buying into it again. If they do RE 2, Original Silent Hill remakes etc, I'd be interested but forget the upscale money pit.

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I sware sometimes we have a topic and this site response to it. His examples are stupid toe because the price has been practically full AAA prices for these remastered instead half price. If it's a remake then of course the game would have completely redone graphics updated gameplay and a few twice in the story just like a movie. This would warrant a full $60 price vs a remaster. Don't tell me about TLOU as if $10 off was a big deal. Naughty knee the backlash of a fill price knowing dann well the graphics were just touched up. This is why I begged for gameplay trailer and got none because they knew it wasnt nothing to write home about unlike GTA 5 major graphic enhancements.

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I don't mind when old games are re mastered with updated Graphics ,music , Gameplay etc. Gives a chance for brand new generations to enjoy classic games. Nothing wrong with the trend of re-releasing up dated/re booted/re mastered versions of games.

I would like to see some Playstation one games redone. Since we are now at Playstation 4 having PS1 games re mastered for 2014 would be great. But games such as the Last of US. While at great game. It was released in 2013 for the Playstation 3. A re Mastered version is about to be re-released for the Playstation 4. The last of US is not even 1 year old so it may be a bit early for a re mastered edition of this game. Just a bit early.

So re-makes/re-boots/re masters are just fine. As long as developers remember to create new games. This seems to be the reason that Sony has done away with backwards compatibility for the Playstation 4. In order to play Playstation, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 games. Sony wants you to have Playstation Now game streaming service.

As long as Sony continues to create new games for the PS4. Not too many resources are put into HD re masters of old games. I am fine with it. Even though Last of US is a bit early.

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@Megavideogamer: true but they shouldn't sell it for $60 if you believe alot isn't dine to spruce up the graphics. If gameplay was redone taking away the robotic movement of the controls like in 're1 or for that matter any old ps game, then fine. But if we discover thru previews etc that just a new can of paint and minor tweaks were done with absolutely no new storyline or plot twist then the game should cost 20-30$.

My biggest beef isn't so much all the remastered games. My biggest ill is the price they are charging when the game isn't a remake.

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I am not sure if I am getting metro redux but I am interested after reading reviews and graphic comparisons of the last light. Metro 2033 reviews weren't as favorable but it seems with the massive graphic upgrades I see that both could be great games. I have never played any of these games so $50 for 2 games and all dlc's included plus new modes is a bargain. This is how TLOU should have sold remastered for $30. I see metro redux graphic comparison and it is significantly better from the old consoles. If they fixed other AI issues etc these games are definitely worth the money.

So is gamespot 9.0 score justified of metro last light compared to Ign 7.5 score? I am interested in reviews of redux to persuade me to buy it vs wait to save my money for other games later this yr. Games on my list are Sherlock Holmes, drive club, LBP3 then maybe AC unity. Oh and I probably going to buy the blue controller(for me) next week so I can play with wife.

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NO just No. I really don't understand these remasters, I mean it's not like most of them needed it just to already being a HD game on PS3, I could understand classic games coming from the PS1/PS2 era making it's HD remake but god dam some of these making Remasters of games from PS3.

Ok I'm getting a bit stupid about it all, but I get GTA 5 because it would of been made as a game of the year edition for normal consoles at some point as we've had many of them over the years so a remastered version is welcomed plus it's coming out for PC so they may aswel put it out there for us, TLOU Remaster aswel would of got a game of the year edition so I sort of get that. But Sleeping Dogs even tho i found it alot more engaging and fun than GTA I still find it odd and they should concentrate on bringing the second game out not just a port of the PC game which i might add looks 10 times better than the console versions but still it's not like a big jump, we didn't get this much with PS2 classics to PS3, why do they think we want a slightly better looking PS3 game??? It honestly baffles me. I hope it stops, I hope we move on, it's been a very strange cross over, this gen, very half hearted in my opinion. it's like alot of them cannot let go of the PS3/360.