The Last Of Us Trophies.

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So I just downloaded the last of us : Left Behind, but before I started I remembered something about the trophies for the original game, I think many of them were glitched and wouldn't unlock at the time, did they eventually release a patch that would fix this? because as much as I'd like to go for a second playthrough, no trophies is kind of a deal breaker for me.

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Yeah, I think they're still glitched, but I believe the workaround was to play offline. The issue was (probably still is) that the game saves to servers constantly and somewhere there the issues were popping up because the information you had on your local save file was conflicting with what was saved on the servers.

Best to check here though for potential updates or workarounds...

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I think the best workaround was to play offline and not download any patches. I never had any issues with trophies popping, and I downloaded the patches and played online anyway. I don't think Left Behind suffers from the same issues, so you might as well play it.

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Weird, I played the last of us offline, this is the first time i've been online with my ps3 since before the last of us came out, I guess I'll just play the DLC for now, and thanks for the information :)

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When i played and completed this on the ps3 ( took about 18 - 19 hrs ) and i played it as soon as it came out, i got 2 not sure if a patch has come out for it...( 2 trophies i got was for pendants and weapon building ) both you will easily get just by playing the game.