The Last of us Hard/Survivor problem

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I started a new game on Survivor after i completed the game once before on easy nearly 2 months ago. 3 weeks later after i started the new game on survivor, i decide to give my Playstation a wipe, but saved the game data on PS+. I put all the saved data back on the Playstation after the wipe was complete and since then, i continued playing the game. Today after getting around 50% completion, i just discovered my level difficulty was on hard, not survivor.

Does anyone know if hard actually means survivor, or hard as in hard and not survivor.

When i loaded the game after the wipe, i noticed Joels top wasn't the top i gave him. I replaced his top with a white/greyish one. He had it before the wipe, not after. Same with Ellie, her top was something else, but back to her original top afterwards. I don't even have the money i gained either from my first play through on easy. I wasn't too chuffed about the money, but i honestly thought the game was on survivor as i started the game on survivor, saved on survivor and hopefully loaded on survivor before the wipe. I never check the game difficulty at all, this is my first check and i'm beginning to wonder if me giving the console a wipe may have have caused it. That is of course if hard is hard or hard as in survivor.

Any info would be great, thanks :)

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I've completed the game once before on easy to unlock survivor mode on the last of us. I started a new game on survivor, but before i reached 50% completion of the game, i added my saved data to the Playstation+ account so i can wipe the Playstation hard drive for any bugs, errors and any other problems i may have on it. I have not given it a wipe since i bought it many years ago.

I put the saved data back on the playstation and continued to play the game. It was only until today after i saved the game, i was going through the options and i discovered it said hard difficulty, not survivor, the one i selected ages ago. I only have two saved files for the last of us, easy and survivor. It never says survivor on the saved file. Before i gave the console a wipe. My Joel character had a different shirt and had this shirt until lets say 30% completion, even Ellie had a different shirt, not the original shirt she has when you first discover her. After i put the saved data back on the console after the wipe, i lost the money that you can use to buy backpacks and shirts. The shirts both Joel and Ellie where wearing before the wipe was gone, it went back to the original clothing's they wear at the beginning of the game.

I'm not sure if my saved file is survivor or hard difficulty, i was playing it to collect the trophies, i spent a long time getting this far as i'm not that good with survival games. I just want to know if Hard on the difficulty options is hard mode or survivor mode. I've never checked the settings before and i do not know if my game data has mysteriously changed the difficulty settings. You would think that if you transfer your saved data to one Playstation to another, it wouldn't change anything, even the difficulty settings.

When i load my easy save, it will send me to easy, normal or hard +. I haven't completed the + games before, so survivor + is unavailable to me. If i select a new game without loading anything, it just has easy, normal and hard, survivor is greyed out.

I just would like to know if anyone knows if my game settings has mysteriously been changed or weather the hard difficulty on the option screen when playing the game is actually hard and not survivor or survivor and not hard.

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Well, this is a bit confusing. It sounds like you forgot what difficulty you picked. Hard and Survivor are separate difficulties. I don't know what you're talking about with their clothing. I guess they dress a little differently at different points in the game. You probably already mentioned this, but when viewing previous levels, does it show that you completed them on Hard or Survivor?

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it's confusing for me too, but I did 100% select survivor after i completed the game on easy 2 months ago.

I have no listening mode on this play through, which i hear Survivor is the only difficulty that doesn't have it. The other 3 difficulties do (not sure if hard has it though).

When it comes to the level select, when i turn on the PS3 and go on to the game main menu, the level select just says easy completion for every level. When i start a new game, survivor is unavailable. This is without loading my main saved file, the one i hope is my survivor difficulty.

Now when i load my "hopefully survivor" game file, i quit the game and end up on the main menu. When i go on to level select, it doesn't say any difficulty, not even easy, it just has the levels i've currently unlocked on that playthrough i.e up to Pittsburgh.

When i scout around for items, they are literally none around. I die with one hit with a shot gun blast, i die very easily when getting punched, kicked and even hit with pipes and all.

I'm just worried that when i gave my PS3 a wipe, it may have altered my difficulty. I would have thought hard on difficulty options when playing the game meant hard, not survivor. I heard the PS3 TLOU trophies stack up on the difficulties, so if i complete survivor, i will get hard and normal trophies without actually playing it, i'm also hoping survivor will unlock survivor+.

I also have this shiv master under the skills when you press select during game play, i never had it during easy.

I'm beginning to wonder if i should continue playing, pray and hope i complete the game and get the Survivor trophy.

The clothes was related to what i had unlocked and gave Joel and Ellie on my new game. When i put my saved data back on the PS3, i lost the money and clothes both my characters had, i have to unlock them again. Joel had this greenish top when you start the game, but i gave him a white/greyish short sleeve shirt. He had it for a while before i gave the console a wipe and he lost it when i put everything back on. :/

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Survivor mode must be unlocked by completing the game right? So after you complete the game once your system/config save file updates to have Survivor unlocked.

Here's my theory (if I understand your situation correctly):

Maybe the only save you backed-up was a game save and not the system/config save? It would go someway towards explaining why your costume unlocks vanished (as they too save to the system/config).

When you downloaded the Survivor mode save file your game cross-checked and didn't find a system/config save with Survivor unlocked. So rather than lock you out of using the save, it downgraded the difficulty to the highest unlocked difficulty available.

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Its nice to hear the word "downgraded" in this conext...... Hopefully it becomes a thing.