Sounds like a weird question but...

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#1 Posted by Rovelius (3074 posts) -

does anyone know if there's ANY purchasable avatar, no matter which game from, that displays the number 13?

In case you're wondering why I'm looking for one :

#2 Posted by LordTrexGuy (482 posts) -

Why anyone would want to purchase an avatar is completely out of bounds of my thinking. I must say, don't even bother searching for one, because your no. of trophies and the level is bound to change so you'll just be wasting money. And it really doesn't matter a lot, because no one will actually bother looking at your profile a second time so just go with one of the free avatars. On topic, and if you really wish to throw away 50 cents, I do remember seeing a billiard ball with the number 13 and a Gears of War type symbol of the gear with 13 in it and thinking about it very hard, there was one with some slutty woman in skimpy baseball clothes with 13 on the shirt, but choosing that would make you look like a perv.