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I have my PS4 connected via Optical out to my Yamaha amp. Today I downloaded Flower and NBA demo. Now, whenever I quit a game the sound starts cutting out or goes completely. The only way to remedy is to power off the PS4.

Is anyone else having these issues and is there a fix?

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I'm having the same problem but only in NBA 2k14. Sound just cuts out for the optical connection but the hdmi sound still works.

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I researched a bit and found out that if you change audio settings back to PCM the sound rights itself (haven't tried myself yet) which defeats the object of having 5.1 surround. I'm sure this is a software issue and will have to be rectified in a future firmware update. Whether Sony recognises there is an issue here is another thing.

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had the same issue only in NBA 2k14...PCM fixes it but yeah 5.1...pretty sure its an issue with the game because I dont have the problem anywhere else. Yamaha receiver too that is interesting

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I've had somewhat of a similar problem last night, when I was playing BF4 the game just stopped, I then got an error and after that the sound was gone. Then I changed the settings back to HDMI, and the sound came back, btw I have 7.1 surround and when I select HDMI I still get sound through the TOSlink (Digital Optical Out), but I then switched it back to the TOSlink, (because it's my primary output port), and it worked fine.

So far I have played COD:Ghosts, AC4, KZSF, Resogun, and the FIFA 14 demo, and have had no problems at all, but BF4 has crashed quite a lot, and it also has gotten stuck in SP when my team will not move forward, and I will eventually have to start from the last checkpoint or the game will crash, and sometimes after it crashes it will progress me in the game without finishing that mission.

So from what I've experienced I think orangepeel1972 is correct that it's just a software issue, and it looks like it's an issue that's just isolated to some games. I'm sure the developers of these games and Sony are working on a fix as fast as they can.

And btw just to let everyone know my receiver is a Pioneer.