So what's the general consensus regarding the PS4 so far?

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Are people satisfied with it? Are you?

I'll probably keep my PS3 around for a while longer. There are still too many games I've yet to play. With that said, I'm curious to see how you guys are liking it.

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I'm loving it. Obviously would like more games but so far it's awesome!

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I like mine a lot. Its a very nice piece of hardware. All Ive played on it is knack and killzone though but I am enjoying them, makes me excited to see what the next wave of games will bring once we get past launch titles.

I just wish it had a couple other games besides sequels to multi platform franchises though, but that's part of a new system I guess. Overall Im glad I got one.

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i am very content with it, looking forward getting my hands on Driveclub

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Great system, but it needs more games. It's what anyone should expect from a newly released console. I wouldn't recommend it yet. I only got it because I'm moving to another country and wanted to try it out.

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Heres my honest review for it. I love my PS4 there is not a lot of games at the moment but people don't realize that this has only been out for about a little over month Since November 15th, games will come and more features will as well. I've had my PS4 since launch and love it and can only get better, but I don't think it's time to jump in right yet, wait till E3 to see whats coming. PS3 and Xbox 360 are more than sufficient enough for now, but when the times right, Greatness does await :)

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been bogged down with god awful network issues. thumbs down so far

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@REforever101: Kids and their Christmas presents

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@soapman72: 23 and theres no justifying sony not being prepared when the competition was

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@Ace_of_Spades90: It is f******g awesome. It's hard to put into words, but everything about the system seems so sleek and smooth, from the design to the OS to the menus. I'm looking forward to seeing what new games we'll experience on it. I wouldn't blame anyone for waiting another year though... I think 2014 is going to be a much better year for next gen gaming. But so far it's shaping up to be my favorite console of all time, based strictly on how the hardware, OS, and services came together.

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mine hasnt gotten much use so far because of a lack of games that i like but thats expected with a console thats only about a month and a half into its life. ill be glad when some more games start coming out that really take advantage of the better hardware.

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Despite the lack of games(which is to be expected)I'm enjoying my purchase. I'll be even more happy when they expand more of the multimedia features of the PS4, but the systems interface and the playstation store's menu are light years ahead of the PS3's.

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I could have waited, but I slowly came to the conclusion that I love it and don't regret my purchase. I think it was a good investment for the future.

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Liking it so far. AC 4 looks beautiful on it. Can't wait to see how games looks when they really start to utilize the power of the system.

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The best console and controller ever made and can't wait for games next yr. The controller feels sturdy and has the pad that will have even more great functions as more games use it. The console looks great performs excellent with more voice activation to come for camera. Online has been very good until last night but overall a very smooth server for Psn and can't wait for more to come for Psn apps,playroom etc

I wish I had drive club screw watch dog for now and wish had mgs pain 5.

But am also glad more games arent out so I can finish nba 2k14,madden and AC Black flag

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PS4 is just leaps and bounds beyond the ps3 and 360.

I mean the design looks great and unique.

The UI is Simple yet effective, easy to understand and everything is right there, it's fast, very fast,

games are crisp and fluid,

Xbox One voice commands???? get yourself a ps4 camera and the voice commands are there and it works for me 100% everytime, and all the commands that you need are there, shut down, standby, certain game, i mean all this rubbish about voice commands when reality is, you already have the controller in hand any way.

cannot wait for the next lot of games next year but there is so many still to play right now.

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iv had mine for a little over a week, iv only got one game so far ac4 black flag so my exp is limited. but so far a love it. the console it self looks good, much better than the gorge forman grill looking ps3 lol :P and far better looking than the ps2 was IMHO. the system feels solid and well put togather. the two buttons, on and disk eject are imo poorly designed, they are a bit hard to press, of course that's a very minor complaint as once you get the system set up uyou should not need to press them any more. cutting on/off the system can be done via the controller and you can even eject the game disk via the controller wich is a great feature imo.

the menu's ect are simple and easy to use and look really good, I liked the xmb on the ps3 but this set up looks better. every thing about the system so far seems great and high quality. the controller is a VAST improvement over all past playstation controlers imho. it looks better and more importantly feels much better. its ballenced better with longer grips for a a more sure and comfy grip. feels very solid and I love the new texture they used on the back side of the controller and bottom part of the grips, kind of a checkered like pattern wich gives much much better traction. Also the plastics especially on the back side feels really high quality. the shape of the thumb sticks and shoulder buttons/triggers are way better than the ps3's controller. the sticks also have more resistence to them wich makes making small fine inputs easier. the light bar is cool looking and might add to the gameplay when used with the cam if your into motion controls. the touch pad is nice feeling and hase potential if properly used by game devlopers. plus it also acts as another button.

My only real complaint is its lack of backwards compatabilty with ps3 game. it would have been really nice to be able to play ps3 games on it. And I think it would have gave the system a huge back log of games for people who did not have a ps3. not a deal breaker of course but it would have been really nice to have.

ny way so far I think its a great system, the extra features like socal midia stuff is neat but I probably wont use them much or at all. but there cool none the less and I can see it being a lot of fun for the people who are in to all that. how ever I love the fact that despite all the extra stuff the system can do sony seems to be treating the system primarly as a game console and not a do every thing entertainment hub. im not nocking MS's focus on none gameing stuff with the xbox one, im sure there are a lot of people who value that and will have a lot of fun with that, but me personaly, I buy a game console primarly to play games, though I love being able to watch bluray movies with out needing to buy a standalone br player. most every thing else I do on my PC ect. But again that's just me, im not bad othing the other system, im sure its a fine console.

I also thin k its great that sony made this system so powerful with so many features ect and was able to keep the price down to more acceptable levels relatively speaking of course. 400$ is still a lot of mony. but its much better than the ps3's price point when it was released.

At any rate I think its a fantastic system with the potential to be one of the greatest if not THE greatest console ever.but only time will tell. If your really in to gaming,spend a lot of time gameing and have the extra mony I highly recommend getting one. I love mine that's for sure.

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@Ace_of_Spades90: Yeah. The general consensus is positive.The only negative reviews on Amazon were over defective systems. But I can tell you from personal experience, their customer service is a lot better than Microsoft's.

Yeah, I'm happy with mine. Doesn't do as much as Xbox One, but what fewer things it does do, it does them better. Noticeably better graphics too.

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I want to be able to add a theme. Getting sick of the plain blue. Also would like to be able to access PS3 and Vita content from the store like I can on PS3. The PS4 store is dismal ATM.

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Just had mine for about a week. I've been blown away. AC4 looks great, as does FIFA. Haven't played a new Fifa game in a few years, but to me it is a very realistic simulation in terms of graphics and the stadium atmosphere. Also switching between BF4 and COD on ps3 both look and feel much better on PS4.

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I've had mine since launch day in the UK and I am absolutely loving it. My only gripe is that Ubisoft have screwed up my Uplay account and I can't log in to the servers for Assassin's Creed IV. They're allegedly looking in to it though.

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Like the Xbox One, it is the new box that games will be coming out on for the next several years. It's black and non-descript in mostly the exact same fashion as the Xbox One (look at them on a shelf, side by side, they really are almost copies of each other). The xbox has an annoying white blob on the front when it's on. The PS4 has an annoying glowy strip. Other than that they're black boxes that don't draw attention which is really what I want from the things under my TV. Will be looking forward to getting rid of the ass ugly PS3 and Xbox 360 before too long.

As far as how it works. It's a little faster, a little better at graphics, it has more memory and more room... The controllers feel better in the hand.

Right now, they're also both buggy and there isn't that much to do on them.

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It's a great system but lacking in games at the moment. I'm reduced to playing Cod Ghosts on it at the moment.

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@Ace_of_Spades90: i am really happy with it

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I have one and its absolutely amazing. The interface is sleek and easy. the apps, the ecosystem is just really polished, no hassle, no frustration. just pure fun.

To me i think there is no doubt that this is the gaming console of this generation.

With that said i also should add that if you dont have a ps4, dont buy one just yet. Its amazing but you will probably use it for two to three weeks and then youll be left waiting for new games. New and amazing games that wont start coming till Febraury.

It also depends on what you like to play. If youre a shooter fan you are covered (kilzone, CoD Ghosts and battlefild 4. On other genres there not much. Theres no fighting games (that is if you already played Injustice in the previous gen), theres no racing games (till driveclub comes out). So yeah if I were you id definitley buy a ps4 but just not right now. Dont worry the future looks very promising indeed for Sony and the ps4

Happy new year everyone

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I have nothing to keep or use for now, I got rid of my PlayStation 3 and tried not to look back, now it be too difficult for me to try to catch up with the library of video games for the PlayStation 3. I have decided to use the PlayStation 4 to make up for what happened to me with the PlayStation 3, however now I must play the waiting game; a game I have played too many times before. I probably will not consider getting a PlayStation 4 until near the end of 2014, even though I have the money to get one now. My rule of thumb is to not just get anything, I need to research the list of video games I have considered and determine if they are of any value to me and worth actually getting; I am not the type to just get anything that is available and then trade it in once I beat it, I am looking for video games I plan to keep and stick with. As of now, there is currently nothing I want for the PlayStation 4. There will probably be about two video games I want for the PlayStation 4 for the first quarter, that is Infamous: Second Son & possibly DriveClub. I want The Crew also, but it does not come out until the third quarter of 2014 from what I understand.

I really want Mighty No. 9 and feel I will like it more than I ever liked Megaman, but I have to wait so long for it. Shantae Half-Genie Hero is going to be a long wait as well. I can see hardly anything I want for the PlayStation 4 as a whole, until maybe the fourth quarter of 2014.

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The PS4 is great. Time will bring more games. I am finishing the last game on my PS3 (Tomb Raider) that I'm interested in playing on it & then I'm selling it to my 12 year old nephew for $100.

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The best advice i can give really depends on what type of games you enjoy and if you need the multimedia functionality. If you don't need to stream shows, and like online FPS, like better graphics and a shiny new piece of tech that loads faster there is a lot to keep you gaming on PS4. Personally I have not had a lot of time with my PS4, only have 2k14 and I like it fine enough so far.

That being said I also have the xbone (heresy I know) and have FIFA 14, BF4 and Forza. For me the upgrades of titles from current gen to next gen are significantly improved compared to the PS2 - PS3 ports back in 07. Jumping up to "next gen" is easily keeping me entertained with the current library of games as you are not sacrificing content with this console update (FIFA 07 on 360 may be the worst iteration the port was horrible).

After much thought I like to think of this launch as an upgrade to current generation titles. There is a lot to keep you entertained if you would play battlefield, FIFA, NBA 2K, Madden and/or Assassins on the PS3 etc, and I am not regretting the jump at all. I am loving it a lot more than PS2 to Xbox 360. However there is no harm in waiting either. Right now it is more of a nice to rather than a need to. The PS3 can still deliver, and if you are into multiplayer it is still free on the 3.

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@Undue_Influence: honest opinion. Since you have ps4 and xbox1 which system would u Keep of u had to make a choice? Which system is better now and will be better in the future with the best games?

I admit to be a homer for Sony and would never buy a xbox unless I am filthy rich and would have 2game systems. I didn't exclude xbox from covering all the info about the system with comparing it with ps4 but I probably would have bought ps4 even if I thought xbox one was slightly better,which I don't think so. I read all there is to know about both systems before their launch and felt Sony is better this generation and the controller is massively better even though I always preferred Sony controller over xbox. I do like xbox1 voice commands but for me do not think they are necessary for my type of gaming. I have the eye camera and as long as Sony add great games for the eye and add the voice cammands they just announced, then I am good. I do think Sony has the exclusive games types I prefer like drive club, uncharted and the order among the medieval game set in new York in the future. Titan fall doessnt really blow me away although mech games are ok. As long as the play room incorporates real games besides the tech demos we have gotten do far then it's a great addition. Plus ps4 was $100 cheaper although for Me $40 cheaper since I bought the camera.

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@ewalthour: If I could only keep 1 system, or someone was looking into both and was undecided I would go the PS4 as I think it will be the best over this generations cycle. I think Sony have the better exclusives with Drive Club looking really interesting and the indie scene is something that has been emerging on PS3 and depending on how the steam box performs maybe the PS4 could allow Sony to become the console version of steam, which would make it exciting. I know Xbox will have indie games but I think the PS4 indie scene will be significantly better.

This being said as of right now I find the Xbone to be the better launch system and if Infamous (which doesnt do it for me), Unchartered (love the series) and indie games are not what someone is hanging out for there is just as good a reason to go XB1 as a lot of big titles (AC, FIFA, Battlefield, GTA, Final Fantasy) are mutli platform now, with watch dogs, destiny, Witcher, dragon age and probably Mass effect 4 all going to be multi platform as well.

I cannot address Ryse or Knack for launch exclusives, but Forza 5 is what really made me acknowledge next gen had arrived. The opening that is narrated by Jeremy Clarkson is really good if you like cars, and that first test drive where the game puts you in the new McLaren and you do a lap through Prague is visually breathtaking. I compare that moment to the first time I stepped onto Halo on the original xbox and just looked at the surroundings and was in awe of the advancements made.

Aside from the games (Forza) I currently prefer the Xbone as the PS4 needs to allow theme changes, it still feels like the same interface from the PSP. It may be streamlined, but even apple just did a major IOS update last year to become more modern (or more like android if you want to put the knife in). The Xbone interface although cluttered is just as easy to navigate and seems more interesting on screen. I always disliked the idea of Kinect, mainly as I viewed it as a cheap Wii clone introducing things I didn't want into the consoles, but on the X1 it works effective enough, and the idea of snapping with Skype to watch a movie and talk to someone seems like a cool novelty to keep in contact across distances (not sure how useful, but a good advancement). The X1 just appears to have more things going for it right now, and with media player you can use the push to service to watch videos from computer to X1. Sony has confirmed they will patch this with software updates but as of right now that promise doesn't put content on my screen.

The dualshock 4 is a good controller, and I tend to go for Sony over Xbox in general but I'm really liking the X1 controller although it will come down to preference. I don't know if I like the idea that the X1 makes you use AA batteries (or a plug and charge kit) or if rechargeable batteries inside is the best way to go. The DS4 has a button to record features, saying "xbox record that" is cool, but Sony will probably also make it voice activated with the camera. As for graphics, I know there are a lot of bench marks and comparison pics which show PS4 is better, but display is good on X1 as well. I don't think either system will alter the experience graphically for the user unless playing the game side by side. And lastly the install time of games. The PS4 does install faster to allow you to play the game, but it is not that bad on the X1 to where it is really noticeable. Installing 2K14 took a long time on PS4, and until 100% complete you could only quick match, no other options. The in game had no commentary and a cycle of 3 songs playing over and over so although it is nice you need the full game installed in some instances to start fiddling and doing what you want to do.

Sorry for making the reply lengthy, just wanted to down play the "console war", and try to be impartial / not come off as a fan boy and cover the aspects I find important and hope it helps. Xbone has the stronger launch offering, however aside from Forza 5 and some of the apps (which are convenient but there are other work arounds) there is a lot to do on the PS4. You really don't need both consoles, and although the PS4 is not entirely there yet with multimedia and gaming software I think mid year and definitely towards the end of 2014 the PS4 will overtake X1 and be better over the distance.

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@Undue_Influence: I couldn't have said it better and I wouldn't have noticed if you were bias towards any system. Forza does look like a great game but drive club probably will be better and overall different type of driving game.

What turn me off from even considering buying a xbox1 was the fact no store had a kiosk to play demos even when the system launched and even a week after the system launched.

I played knack and thought it was ok but didn't have next gen graphics nor enough challenge.

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I'm glad you guys are loving it. I'll probably get one during the holidays, when there are more games.

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It is a fantastic system. The game library obviously is lacking but that is to be expected at the beginning of a console cycle. However the technology seems to be precise and I love the feel of everything.

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I hardly use it, not only the games aren't interesting at the moment for me. But it doesn't have media capabilities like video, audio playback, DLNA, youtube. All of which I use extensively on my PS3.

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I am kind of bored and only use it to watch movies right now. I would have waited if I knew bf4 was going to be terrible.

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I think the Playstation 4 is off to a great start thus far. I have 7 retail games so far. Assassin's Creed 4 Black flag, Knack, Call of Duty ghosts, Injustice ultimate edition, Killzone Shadow fall, Need for speed Rivals and Battlefield 4. 1 PSN download Sound Shapes and the Playstation plus free throw in games. Contrast, Warframe, Resogun, blacklight retribution,DC Universe online. Plus the playroom tech demo.

I am very happy with the PS4. It is a great console with a promising future. I am looking forward to the Order 1866, Infamous Second son,Destiny, Driveclub Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zero's and Kingdom Hearts 3.

So far with the exception of Battlefield on-line MP I have no issues with the PS4 thus far. Just 1 game didn't quite function as intended EA servers for Battlefield 4 were not working. But that is not a PS4 issue. The console itself is wonderful. It has only been 1 and a half months old.

The PS4 is well worth it. So buy one if you can find one.