So have we all given up on Remote play between the Vita and ps3 for games.

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I remember at one stage they were showing off killzone 3 being played through remote play on the Vita which never come about and the only games possible are the God of war collection and ICO?? but thats really just insulting! unless there going to do it for most games it seems's been to long now and my hopes for remote play for atleast sony exclusives are gone..... hopefully the PS4 and vita have better connectivity.

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Aaah thats right. Forgot all about it.
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^same :P I mean, they prob will push it more if/when the WiiU takes off.
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No, I think Sony will keep on patching a few new releases if they aren't going to get a Vita port. Don't forget that Tokyo Jungle is still scheduled to get a patch "soon"
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I downloaded ICO from psn. Your saying I can play it on my Vita?