Running the PS3 on a DVI monitor with sound.

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Hello, I am interested in getting a PS3, but I have aquestion.

If I am to use a HDMI -> DVIconverter for the video, and i have a HDCP compliant LCD monitor, can I get the PS3's sound working by using some other cables? Or would I be stuck without sound? I am looking for the cheapest possible way to get my PS3 running on my DVI monitor, with sound,and to keep it looking great in HD.

Please do not reply unless you are absolutely certain, or have a similar set-up yourself.

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I'm not going to read your post, just the title and throw everythign I know at you.

DVI doesn't accept sound, so if you're connecting your PS3 to your monitor via HDMI --> DVI you'll still get a great picture, just no soudn coming out of your monitor.

To achieve sound you have two options:

1. Connect the AV cables (the same thing that came out of the PS2) and connect the red + white ones to an amplifier, which in turn connects to some speakers. This will only achieve stereo sound but is definatley the cheapest.

What I used to do before getting an amplifier in my room was connect the PS3 using the AV cables to my desktop, 2.1 speakers.
To do this you will need a; 3.5mm jack coupler, and an RCA to Stereo 3.5mm converter. Simply stick the red and white AV cables into the converter, a coupler on the end of that, and then the male end of your desktop speakers into that, voila you have sound. Probably not the greatest quality, and again you aren't going to be getting surroudn sound, but if you do have a 5.1+ setup you will get stereo out of all the speakers.

2. Connect your PS3 via Optical to an amplifier, optical amplifiers cost just a bit over £50 on ebay but then you have to buy the speakers to go with it. Alternativley you can take a look at the Logitech Z-5400 and Z-5500, both give optical connectivity along with a bunch of other onnections.

Just read your post, I have tried both of the options under number 1.
Both work fine, though the sound quality is questinable if you use your desktop speakers due to all the converters and couplers, if you're going to use this method I strongly suggest using gold plated items.
I am currently using an amplifier with two stereo speakers underneath (watch this space for a pic), much better sound quality than desktop speakers.

The optical suggestion is something I'm still considering doing, I know it will work because, well, other people have done it, but I'm not sure if 5.1 is really needed, I'd be able to connect both my PC and PS3 to the 5.1, but again it seems like a lot of money for little gain.

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Thanks a lot! Thats exactly what I wanted to know. Actually, I have one more question, so I may as well keep it in this thread.

Can you point me in the direction of a good (but affordable)HDMI -> DVI converter? :)

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Get one of these from Used & New.
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You, sir, are a forum saint.
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Just wanted to add, that if you don't want to be stuck reconnecting your computer speakers back and forth from the PS3 to the PC (if you have one, I don't know) you can simply take an RCA to 3.5mm adapter and plug it into the line in of your sound card.
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Thanks alot all realy this information was helpfull for me

I have this monitor Benq E900W and its have DVI-D input

My Qtion is This Monitor can run the PS3 Video.

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I purchased the PS3 and when I connect it by HDMI-DVI cable i got Message "out of range"

what can i do please help me

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connect your ps3 to a tv and set resolution to 786i and connect it to the benq monitor.
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I am currently setup my ps3 slim with my computer. Im actually really impressed with it. My monitor is a LG W2343T 23" with full 1080p but no HDMI support. I got a DVI HDMI cable and a DVI break cable (dvi that breaks to 2 dvi outs) then I connected to my PC's 4850 and then the other to the HDMI/DVI cable. Plug er into the ps3. Bam full 1080p. Its as easy as pressing the source code on the monitor. For sound I dont have speakers, I have a fancy headset. I have a extention cord for my mic and audio outputs that reach to the side of my desk, so when im on the computer I just plug them into there. I also have a Audio out from the ps3 cable (by the HDMI out) and I got an extention so it goes into my converter box. That has a headphone out on it. So I just plug it into that when on the ps3. The only thing I hate about it is I cant use the mic with the ps3, I have to get a bluetooth mic for that.

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Ahh, man i don't really understand any of the 1080i stuff. All i know is that i want a ps3, and i need to be able to run it, with sound, not necessarily high quality sound, but sound, on my desktop monitor, which definitely has a DVI input. Can you please tell me exactly what cables/adapters/switches i need to do this?

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I have VGA/Dvi monitor with inbuilt speaker. How can i connect my ps3 to monitor?