Questions about buying used PS3 phat or a PS Vita used

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Hey guys, there's a local game store in my town that is doing a 50% Off sale on all hardware during Black Friday weekend and I have about $80 in store credit there. They have one 80GB (no BC) PS3 phat for $199, and a PS Vita (with a case but nothing else to my knoweldge) for $179. Both of these will be half priced this weekend (well Saturday morning) for $100 and $90 respecively

I'm thinking about using this store credit I've got towards one of them. I love my PS4 and used to have a PS3 before the disc drive stopped working. I want to get the PS3 to play all the free plus games plus exclusives like Last of Us but I don't know if I should wait to see how the PS3 streaming thing works out. I could just use that store credit and get a PS Vita but then I want to know what I should be looking out for if I buy a used Vita.

So if you guys could tell me what I should be looking out for if I buy either console used that would be great, thanks

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@bonesawisready5: If you get a vita then you can do the remote play with the PS4

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See if the PS3 works, I had my 40GB last until 2012 and got it in 2008. I think it would be better to get a slim instead just pay the difference.

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@pillarrocks: Of those two, I would get the vita. The fat ps3's are awesome for backwards compatibility, but I had two give out on me. I ended up just returning the last one (had a gamestop warranty) and got the white super slim. I just picked up a vita yesterday and am loving it!

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in your case i'd definetely get the vita,

i'm sure ps3 games will be available soon as streaming,

and since u have a ps4, it will go hand in hand with the vita,