Question Regarding Skylanders Swapforce as an adult

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I am trying to get my fiance into gaming more. Right now the only system we have is the PS4 (I sold my 360 to help with the cash for the PS4), and with the currently limited game library I'm struggling to find a game she likes to play with me. In the past she has enjoyed Ratchet and Clank, Rayman Legends/Orgins, Mario games, and Zelda games. So apart from really zelda, she is a platformer fan. I’m trying to get her to do some co-op with Lego Marvel but it doesn’t really hold her attention for more than 30 mins at a time or so. So I was thinking skylanders swapforce could be a good fit, but I’ve never played any of the skylander games. I’m 26 and she is 23 so I wasn’t sure if Skylanders would be too easy or seem bad for people our age (obviously I’m not their target market). Can somebody who has played the skylanders games (especially swapforce) please tell me if it could appeal to adults, or should I just skip it and wait? Also to play two player couch co-op would I need two portals, or can you put both characters on one portal? Thanks!

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There is some appeal there, i think, as the game is a decent action/platformer. Regarding the co-op, two characters can go on the one portal then whoever is player 2 hits X on their controller to show up.

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Thanks. Again this really isn't my personal cup of tea, but I'm hoping that it will continue to build her interest. Just if it is too easy or childish she will lose interest.

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There are several difficulty levels to it so you'll be able to adjust up if need be. The main drawback is the money suck it is to get the figures needed to check out every section in the game.

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i really enjoyed playing giants with my kid it can be quite a bit of fun ,but it is costly if you really get into it

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yeah I dont anticipate us dropping the cash for every figure to get through every side area. I think she'd be content with just being able to beat the game and mayeb explore a few side areas. So I was thinking of getting the starter set and then possible one or two other characters with various types so we can get into a few sections.

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Might I suggest Diablo III when it comes out? My wife is not too much into gaming, except for the Ratchet and Clank series and some indie titles. However, she does enjoy playing DIII on the PS3 and wants it on the PS4 when it arrives.

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Spent many hours on SL 1 and 2, honestly you'll need a figure of each element to go in all zones so get your cash ready, I'd say it's more of an action / platformer than a platformer

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I would really suggest co op games. Borderlands, Rayman Legends come to mind. There might be others like Playstation All Stars, but i don't really know the taste she goes after. But split screen is always a winner

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she has played most of the suggestions that you all said, but the PS4 selections are limited, so I'm tyring to keep her interest up while it is there.

Thanks for the help!