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#1 Posted by wabuss (146 posts) -

anyone like the psp vita

#2 Posted by SadPSPAddict (5461 posts) -

I like the PS Vita yes for sure

#3 Posted by -Patrick_92- (2168 posts) -

Absolutely. I play it everyday.

#4 Posted by Granpire (2749 posts) -
I love almost everything about it. :D
#5 Posted by A7xhto (78 posts) -

Best handheld gaming machine for sure.

#6 Posted by berto64 (12685 posts) -

i like it. needs more JRPGs and it will be the best handheld device i'll ever own :D

#7 Posted by josephl64 (4424 posts) -

Absolutely. I play it everyday.

same, I'm currently playing "Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f" on it daily
#8 Posted by aryanbrar (2089 posts) -

most powerful handheld to date, even a nintendo director acknowledged its great potential.

needs to 2 things

price drop for both system and memory

more gamezzzzzzzz

then i'll skyrocket.