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Hey guys. I have never been to a Walmart midnight launch, only best buy and gamestop. My Questions is, How does Walmarts Midnight launches work? I have my PS4 pre ordered, so will people who pre ordered go First? Or do they just mix everyone in? I Know Gamestop sets a line up for ALL pre orders first and leave the people that have not pre ordered last so they have to deal with first come first serve. I would hate to be waiting in a line with Mixed people, I want to be in and out as fast as possible.

Also my Walmart is 24 Hours opened, so Will i be forced to wait outside?(Not a problem) or will the line start by the Electronic section?

Thanks Guys, hope to get answers.

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I have had to wait at Walmart on Black Friday and things like that. More than likely you will have to form a line (wherever they deem it to be) and it will be first come first serve. If you don't have a pre-order (does Walmart even do that?) You are going to want to get there very, very, early... Chances are people will be waiting at 6-8pm ALREADY. Ask an associate that works in Electronics how many consoles they have if they have like 100 then go do you thing around the store... however if there are only like 20-30 you might want to just stand nearby the case or wherever the display is so that others don't try to "push in." Good luck either way.... screw that though... glad I have mine pre-ordered and paid off.. lol

They might start passing out TICKETS at around 10 or so, and if they run out, then the others are screwed.

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@WitIsWisdom: I have mine Pre ordered so am I guaranteed?

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I suggest having it paid in full first. They will just hand it to you at Midnight. Walmarts not really in the game so to speak and may have issues. You will likely see a cart brought out at 1145 and cashier will start ringing up at 12:01.

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@XspidervenomX: Have you been to a midnight Launch at Walmart? I hope it's as easy as it sounds.

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@RiKanKiDD: Yes

They dont have hardly anyone show up ever. Walmart is very dysfunctional however and has no clue whats going on. Cant find stuff, ring stuff or answer questions.

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Depends on how your store did the preorders. I know mine did it through layaway so like last year with the Wii Us. People who preordered are most likely going to have to line up at Site To Store/Layaway.

For everyone else they usually just line up in Electronics.