PS4 over heating.. only with the destiny beta?

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It's happened 4 times now and I'm getting a little worried, hopefully it's an issue with destiny being in beta (doubtful)..

Anyway I can play destiny for about 25 - 30 mins and then the system shuts off and I get a red blinking light. I played infamous through without any problems, twice actually.

The only other game I have on the system is black flag ill boot it up play for awhile and have no issues at all. So I deleted destiny off the hard drive reinstalled and downloaded but with the same results. I called sony and according to them it's rarely caused by a software issue..

So has anyone else had any trouble with the desitny beta? For the last few hours of the beta I've switched over to the X1, which is fine and dandy but I really would like to find out if my ps4 is on the shits or if it's just the beta.

Thanks guys / gals.

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They just said it's a software issue without proposing any solution and then hung up ? What the hell ?

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@elkoldo said:

They just said it's a software issue without proposing any solution and then hung up ? What the hell ?

no they suggested that it most likely wasn't a software issue, meaning it probably wasn't destiny causing the issues. Went through a few other steps with them and in the end they suggest deleting the game and reinstalling which I had already done. Because the system wasn't over heating with any other games I neglected to go ahead with the process of sending them the system. If it happens at all with anymore games anytime soon, ill send it away.

it's so weird but it honestly seems like it was just a problem with destiny.

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Maybe there is something wrong with the HDD. You can try change another HDD and see if it helps? You can also try to change PS4 back to default setting. Means that you delete everything and let the system go back to where you just turn on the PS4 for the first time. You can find a guide how to put your PS4 back to default setting somewhere on the Internet.

If everything doesn't work then ya, send it back to Sony for repair. I sent mine to them for about 1 month ago and it took about 2 weeks or so from sending my PS4 to them and to get it back (from EU). I was also lucky because they forgot a Killzone shadow fall CD in the PS4, so I got a free game there lol. Too bad I already own Killzone shadow fall :P