PS4 Not uploading game save data to cloud?

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#1 Posted by ahtoodeetoo (25 posts) -

Hooked up PS4 last Friday for the first time, set up PSN+, Saturday afternoon checked notifications and game data had uploaded to cloud, however since then nothing - have played Need For Speed quite a bit gone up to Racer Rank 14 and no further uploads. I know it only performs this task periodically but would have thought it would be more often.

Have checked all settings and they are correct. How does anyone else's upload?

#2 Posted by luke1889 (14617 posts) -

I've never had a problem uploading game save data to the cloud. I'm guessing you've done an internet connection test and checked the results?

#3 Posted by st017 (30 posts) -

Mine has always uploaded automatically until the last week. With Assassin's Creed 4 it auto uploaded once, and after that never did again.

#4 Posted by bezza2011 (2726 posts) -

i don't even no about all this cloud storage stuff the first i knew about it was checking storage part of the ps4 to see if i could delete saved games and the cloud storage came up so i just left it.

#5 Posted by The_Last_Ride (75170 posts) -

perhaps you should contact Sony or check your internet connection, that's the only answer i can come up with