PS4 Heating and fan issues

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Hi, I have had my ps4 for about a month and it has been heating up and the fan has been sounding like a jet engine recently. The place where i bought it from said they can replace it when they have stock. But is it worth replacing?

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Replace it if you are worried about it, might as well, you'll score a brand new PS4. I would.

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Well, considering that noise is not normal, I would say to have it replaced when you can rather than let the warranty run out and a year or two down the line it kicks on you. Might as well do it now while you have the chance.

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Where are you keeping it? Assuming it's in a ventilated spot and non of the intake/exhaust vents are blocked I'd say get it fixed while fixing is free.

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@jake_durant: It's normal for it to heat up and for the fan to spool up but not all the time. Mine does it a lot when playing Killzone and not as much when playing Call of Duty and BF4. It gets really loud but nothing to worry about. My PS4 is also in a well ventilated area but it still heats up. I wouldn't return it because it sounds like it's running normal to me.

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I keep it in a well ventilated spot. And once the fan noise gets loud it will continue on for a while.

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Mine gets loud from time to time too. I try to deal with it. My place is pretty cold and it's well ventilated.

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You can see if it gets better when stacking it up vertically. My friend had the same problem as you, but it stopped when he propped it up sideways.

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Replace it when you can. In the meantime, get any household fan and stick in front of your system. Also make sure your system is not crowded with other devices. Let it breathe.

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Hmmm, I'm always hesitant to respond to a TC who has a new account complaining about the PS4! I know there are some defective systems out there but I often wonder about these post....

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why wouldn't you take a free replacement?

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You can either get it fixed by Sony or have it replaced when the store receives a restock. I get why you may not feel okay with waiting until the store has the item in stock because you may be waiting a long time and not be sure if you should have just sent it in for repairs all along. If you send it in for repairs you probably have a better chance of not having problems in the future; but if you wait for a restock, you may get a PlayStation 4 that does not have any problems and thus you do not have to worry about getting a refurbished PlayStation 4 from Sony, if that would be a problem for you.

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@glitter: All PS4's are loud at certain points when playing games.

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Are you standing it up? Are you not allowing front and back open ventilation to the room? Both of these cause the PS4 to overheat.