Ps4 Hands on Experience.

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Gamestop had the Ps4 in today to try. I honestly loved it. I'm coming from 6 years of Xbox 360 and i have honestly never been so amazed about a contoller. The only games i played were Fifa, Knack and Contrast so i can't tell you much on graphics but the controller was an A ++

The Thumb Sticks are finally better. There are not loose like the ps3 controller's. The triggers sold me instantly and the controller is super comfortable to play with. The games were fun. Im not really into Fifa but Knack is something I would pick up. I cant wait to try out Killzone and Assassin's Creed Next week.

I will be going back on Sunday for the pre launch event to play more.

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yeah i played the kiosk demos also again today for the second time. I didnt get a chance to play but literally 5 min the 1st time. I played contrast, fifa, knack and the octodad. I agree 100% that the controller is much better than ps3 even though i like the ps3 controller which says alot. The r2 and L2 triggers are definitely better and the grip on the handles of the controller has much more grip. I went home to compare the grip and the ps3 is too slipper.

My main grip is with the games you could play. I do not like anyone of them except knack but i thought the graphics for a platformer, Sony brand and next gen game should have far better detail graphics. I get that its a cartoon type game but when you kill the creatures they disappear far too soon and the exploding parts on planes have way to many big pieces break instead of more parts breaking up like a call of duty game. Honestly, knack looks like a ps3 game to me. Maybe the demo doesnt give the final build any justice.

ive seen enough of PS4 games online to be convince that the demos do not represent what the AAA games will look like.

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@ewalthour: Yeah i agree Knack did need more detail for it to be ps4 material but you can't go wrong with that Ice Stage!

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How did Fifa look? I skipped out on the ps3 version hoping that it will look better on ps4.

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Yeah did FIFA run 60fps seemingly?

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@SpiderLuke: I would say yeah. It ran pretty smoothly. Some people seemed to enjoy it as well. The sports games play really well next gen

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@kingoflife9: I can't speak for 360 controller since I barely used it except over someone's house. The ds4 doesn't feel spongy and the rubber on the analog sticks feel more durable with grooves so they shouldn't come off like mine eventually did.

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@kingoflife9: The Ps4 is solid indeed. I love the xbox controller and honestly the Ps4 and 360 controllers feel very similar now to me. The triggers are what excited me the most. the best upgrade to the controller were the triggers. I can finally use actual triggers to play shooters on a Playstation!! Best thing for me. I would say that the Ps4 and Xbox 360 match up equally, I've been playing 360 for 6 years so i cant say which is better. It would just be a biased opinion from me but all i can say is the Ps4 is made to impress indeed.

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@ewalthour said:

when you kill the creatures they disappear far too soon and the exploding parts on planes have way to many big pieces break instead of more parts breaking up like a call of duty game.

You should not compare Knack to a COD game.

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I also played it. It's really smooth, the DualShock 4. Though, the touchpad had no use for Knack. Not to mention the game loads pretty fast too.

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@dipdish: I agree its a different genre but the explosions aren't next gen like just way to low polygon like for me. You can have a great cartoony game with realistic explosions. I am just saying I am not impressed at all with the graphics.

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@ewalthour: @kingoflife9: Knack didnt really bother me. I enjoyed it and ignored all the little things. Im excited for it.

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I shouldn't complain about the demos for ps4 since Xbox only have forza as there kiosk demo

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I knack at gamestop, controller isn't as hyped up to what everyone's just a controller at the end of the day.

That being said, i can't wait till the 15th

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I forgot to mention when I played the kiosk demos that there wasn't any vibration function. I agree the controller is just another controller but I think as the system ages u will see a major difference in the functionality of the controller in comparison to ps3 controller.

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@ewalthour: I've seen alot more difference between Ps3 and ps4 controllers but i agree. In a matter of a few days getting used to it, it will just be a controller but man has the ps4 hit the spot.

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I still have not seen the PS4 up close and personal... I am not going to until I hook my OWN up when I get home with it. I want the full experience like a kid on Christmas morning... :P

Biggest problem is.. I'm not sure if there is a game I really want to play all that much on it... yet... H-Hour, The Elder Scrolls Online, and others I am very interested in are not releasing for awhile.