PS4 Game Updates help

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#1 Posted by PrinceDemoz (25 posts) -

Okay so I just got my PS4 yesterday and I popped in Ghosts. I ran the update and installed it and played fine. Now today i log on and it's the doing the same update that it did yesterday? Do the updates not save or something, I'm confused?

#2 Posted by st_anger10 (48 posts) -

You should nt have to update again I would think,I have not had this issue happen myself anyways unless it was a new update?

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Are you sure it's the same update? When I got mine I installed "update 1.50" then yesterday a new update came out "update 1.51."

If that's not it then is it possible the first update you downloaded didn't fully download till later?

#4 Posted by BoutDat26 (292 posts) -

Your probably looking at it still installing the game.