ps3 wont play games (sometimes movies)

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ok i've had my ps3 for about a year and 6 months. 1 year ago it started not to play game so i took it apart and cleaned the lens and it worked great for a couple months. but the last month i 've doing it every week. as of 2 days ago no game will play. Blue ray movies are hit and miss. Dvd' s and cd's work fine. its not a soft were problem!!!!!!!! all these people dumping their memory thinking it has to do with soft wear. when i put a game in it make this grunting noise b4 it trys to spin the disc. i opened it up and watched as a disc was loaded it does spin the disc and the blue light comes on for blue ray. but nothing! from what i hear and read sending it back to sony is out of the question. i don't want a referbished one anyways half the people say the problem is still there days after getting it thanks. i just think that if it was the blue ray lens then it wouldn't play movies.... youtube-andrewwilki----------------listen to the noise also when i turn it on with no disc inside it makes a loading sound like its searching for a disc
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any error messages?

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Your Lens is dying the same happened to mine about a month ago it would play games sometimes but freeze at a loading screen. Ive changed the Lens and ive had no problems
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no messages just a loud noise when i first put the disc in. its weird some blue ray movies will play but no games??? why??? dvd and cd work fine.... i think its my lens too. i've cleaned just worried that i will get a new lens and it still wont work.... you tube:andrewwilki psn:wildwilky
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ok i've had my ps3 for about a year and 6 months. ..
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