PS3 user name change

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A friend of mine wants to change his login name (or, more speciifically, his name that appears online and on other people's friends lists) on his PS3 and can't figure it out. My own PS3 is being borrowed so I don't have access to it to puzzle it out myself. If you could lend a hand, that would be great. Thanks.
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from my experience, you cant. you`d have to create a new account. thats what a friend of mine did
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Nope, you can't change you username. If you check out online profile change section, you can see that username has no option of changing it.

I myself created a new one to, but then got back to my old one :D Don't wanna lose my records^^

hopefully you've got some info.


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Sony has not yet made a way for you to transfer all of your account information (friends, purchases, trophies) to a new username.

if you create a new screen name you can simply ask your friends to re-add you and transfer all your saves, but never delete your old screen names login, because then the games purchased under that name won't work anymore.

I personally did that, but I continue to purchase content exclusivelly under my old screen name so it isn't parsed up between the two accounts. I lost a few trophies, but I think I can re-earn them if I really cared.

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Thanks to both of you. At this point, I don't think it will be too much of a loss for him. The only PS3 games he's been playing are non-trophy games so he wouldn't really be losing much if he did change. I'll pass along the info.