PS3 reads and installs game, but it won't start.

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Edit: Aaaand it was just a shitty disc. Got it replaced and it starts just fine now. Nothing to see here.

So I'm having this weird issue with playing a game, and I have no idea whether it's the disc, system, or the game itself to blame. The game is The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and my PS3 has no issues reading the disc. There are no issues with completing the installation process. What I get following the installation and starting up the game is a black screen. I can't access the XMB and the only solution is to power off my system or eject the disc. I've re-installed the game multiple times and have completely turned off my system and done everything I can think of to no avail.

I doubt it's an issue with my system. I fired up another game and played it without any problems. My only suspicions with the disc is that there are minor chips on the very edge of the disc. Otherwise it appears to be in good condition. Though if the disc were the problem, would be it even be able to be read and installed to the system in the first place? Then the last thing I can think of to blame is the game itself. Yet, I've done some Google searches and can't find anyone having similar problems with the game.

I guess all I want to know is what's to blame for this problem and if anything can be done to fix it. I find it kind of bizarre since I can get through installing it just fine, but it just flips out afterwards. Another minor detail I'll throw in is that I sometimes see the "AMC Studios" logo just as I'm ejecting the disc. And on one instance it appeared as if the game was about to start because some other logo things were flying in, but the screen, not the system, immediately froze.

It's a Gamefly rental, so if it is the disc I'll just have to report the issue and return it. Though I'd like some reassurance that there's probably something wrong with the disc, which I'm feeling is the most likely culprit.

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I had this same issue with Uncharted. My fix is sorta hit and miss. I read online that some people had luck "warming" up the BR Drive by playing something else that always plays. Uncharted would load the intro screen then stuck at a black screen everytime. But after I played like 5 mins of GTA V then switched to Uncharted it worked and worked without "warming" it up for a few times after that. I hope this helps you, at least giving you a temporary work around.

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@bonesawisready5: I fired up another game again and played for a good 10 minutes, but that didn't work for me. This furthers my doubt that there's an issue with my system. I have had trouble reading certain game discs, to which I have a fix for that has worked for me. But this problem is completely different since my system reading the disc isn't the problem.

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I think the disc read error is because of that disc. Being a Gamefly rental, there is a possibility that you received a disc damaged by a previous renter. Everything else seems to be operating adequately.

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@BranKetra: That's the conclusion I came to, despite finally getting the game to run on a couple of occasions. However, it still took a few minutes of it sitting on the black screen for the title screen to come up. Afterwards, the game starting was hit and most likely miss. I should be getting the replacement today, though it's already been a few days I've wasted with this mess. I just hope it was the disc after all. I guess I'll find out soon enough.