ps3 online subscription

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#1 Posted by maxkurth (57 posts) -

Hey to go online with the ps3 do I have to purchase a pack (like xbox live etc) and does it apply to when you buy games etc? How much do the games cost when purchased


#2 Posted by dishere2004 (367 posts) -
gettin online is easy u just set up an account and tell it how u want to connect totally free no purchase needed and games vary like 5 bucks to 20 as of now
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ok.. Where can you recharge your money from? Like how do you get money onto your account
#4 Posted by dstryr13 (6521 posts) -
go to the store and there will be a thing at the top right corner that should day add funds to wallet or you can even just find something you like and purchase it then when you check out it will give you the option to add funds
#5 Posted by eclipsed4utoo (10578 posts) -
the funds can only be added from a credit card.