PS3 doesn't recognize MP3?

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#1 Posted by HJrAS_PT (616 posts) -
i copied some songs from the pc to my pen in windowsmedia player format, and then i didn't see them in my ps3 when i put the pen. the penw as there, but it was empty. how can i put my songs now without using the media center tactic (which i find complicated)?
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That's weird. I put mp3's on my flash drive and put songs on my ps3 all the time.
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Your post is saying "PS3 doesn't recognize MP3?" but your sayig that you've put windows media player format audio files on a usb drive!... I'm confused is it wma files or MP3 files?!

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ps3 recognizes mp3's your just to stupid to figure out how to upload mp3's on your ps3 ether that are you not as smart as the avrage bearjames3030

you needen't flame me like that. i pu the musics in windows media player format. isn't that already mp3? if it isn't, how i convert them...

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ether that are you not as smart as the avrage bearjames3030

Neither are you!:lol:

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My first PSP was NTSC/JP and it didn't recognize some of my mp3's. Is it NTSC/JP?
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damnit i have checked and double-checked and the files ARE in MP3, and when i put the usb pen my ps3 just doesn't recognize them! Also they gave me a music cd homemade and it wasn't even recognized by the ps3. is my ps3 faulty?

EDIT: omg i found the problem. i'd just click X in the usb device icon, but i needed to click triangle and then click on display all.

#9 Posted by i3cubed (129 posts) -
yep triangle display all...easy as pie glad u figured it out! enjoy!