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Hi so I have ps plus and 3 ps3 consoles in my house me and my wee boy usually download and play most games but this month my wee girl has started playing sleeping dogs on my boys ps3 and now wants it on hers. Is it possible to have it on all 3 ps3 consoles running at the same time i tried to download it and had do deactivate my sons ps3 so it's downloading the now on my girls ps3 but will it work and wil my sons still work ?

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lol yea its what some people call there children in the uk wee boy or girl, does any1 know the answer to my question ?

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I think it might if all consoles use the same account... otherwise no, and I'm not even sure it will work.
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what do you mean ? if i sign in on my sons ps3 under my account it will atomatically sign me out of my ps3 if its turned on.

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this is why everyone should have their own account and buy their own games.

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If i remember correctly you can only have protected DLC active on two consoles at once.