Please Help! - Controllers won't connect!

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#1 Posted by mrpear (222 posts) -
i just turned on my ps3 with the controller... everything started, but the controllers can't connect to the ps3. One just keeps blinking, the other one blinks a couple times and then just stops. i've tried connecting them with the usb cord directly and it still doesnt work. anyone have any suggestions???? pleeeeeeeeeease help!!
#2 Posted by daewoo10356 (34 posts) -
my oldest boy had this problem with his ps3 just the other day after he tried to change his controller from my ps3 back to his we just reset the controller using the recessed reset button on the bottom of the controller just to the right of the top middle screw whole if that don't fix it I have no idea
#3 Posted by djHaQ (1872 posts) -

Yep. If for some strange reason the controller won't connect when plugged in with a USB cable, hit the reset button on the back of the controller. Then try connecting it with USB. It should work.

If one of your controllers blinks a few times then stops, it may have a low battery... I am guessing.

Note that to get it to register, when plugged in with the USB cable, you still have to press the PS button to turn it on.

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I had the same problem of my controller not connecting without the USB no matter what I did.

If you have a major problem, you can turn the system off with the switch at the back of the PS3 and reset the controller.

This reset everything and I was able to get it to connect again.