Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus,any good?

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#1 Posted by GreekGameManiac (6439 posts) -

I've never even tried any NG,but i wanna try this one.

Is it good>?

#2 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8621 posts) -
I got it at launch. Traded it in. Not my thing. I guess it plays just like console versions which I never played.
#3 Posted by oddballrulez (1642 posts) -
Was one of my first vita games, and is now one of my favourite slashers ever ;) Great gameplay, easy to learn hard to master. Level design leaves a little to be desired in places (looking a little samey round the city levels), but has some excellent locals (such as hell :P ). Definitely worth picking up - especially if you're a fan of DMC or GOW and can get it relatively cheap ;)
#4 Posted by im_mr_brown (2970 posts) -

I played the crap out of Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox and loved it to death. I bought it on Vita a couple months ago and only put an hour or so into it. I just can't get into it on handheld. The controls are cool. I don't like the back touchpad ninpo controls but everything else is fine. If you light challenging action games then this game would be great for you.

#5 Posted by volume_three (2142 posts) -

If you've never played the original and are up for a game that's more challenging than most modern titles then I'd totally recommend it.

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Ninja Gaiden I played it first on family computer and each release of this title in any handheld I played it all

#7 Posted by famicommander (8524 posts) -
It's the worst version of that particular Ninja Gaiden game. 30 fps and Vita's analog sticks do not lend themselves well to games that require precise movements. Ninja Gaiden Black > Ninja Gaiden Sigma > Ninja Gaiden > Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus