My PS3 turns itself off whenever I turn it on. Need help.

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Does anyone know what's wrong with it? Every 2 weeks or so, my PS3 immediately turns itself off right after I press the power button. It's not a yellow light problem. The whole console just shuts off. No lights, nothing. So I have to unplug the power cable and plug it back in for it to work again. But this is getting to be quite a pain. And it's constant. It happens exactly every 2 weeks. On like the same day. It's weird. Does any tech expert know what the problem is? I appreciate it! :) Thanks in advance
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No one??? :(
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Try plugging it into a different outlet or spot, could be the plug if not could be a sign its just dying a slow death. When mine started turning itself off it got the flashing red light

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Back up all data immediately.
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Back up all data immediately.dabest2500
yah that too i wish i would have had a warning
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Weird...cause I just got my PS3 like 3 weeks ago.
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Weird...cause I just got my PS3 like 3 weeks ago.DrakesDeception
So you must still have warranty for it :)