MW2 is full of hackers.

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#1 Posted by crimsonman1245 (4253 posts) -
I just put it in for the first time in months, i played about 5 games, 4 of them were hacked badly, it was unplayable. I hope Sony can take care of this.
#2 Posted by Lalucar (296 posts) -

Yeah I hear its really bad, all the challenge lobbies and whatnot. The only reason people play it is because they feel cool with a phony 10th prestige, even though everyone else has it from hacking also.

#3 Posted by EpiphoneMan2008 (7169 posts) -
MW2 patch is coming out in a few days google it
#4 Posted by crimsonman1245 (4253 posts) -
One game changed my clan tag and made my username blue, i dont know how to change the color back, it irritated me quite a bit.
#5 Posted by Scianix-Black (19295 posts) -

Play HC search. It's the only mode filled with people who still play the game with their skill.

#6 Posted by Chris_Williams (14882 posts) -

but but, the hackers did it for the homebrewwww

#7 Posted by Staceys_Mom (66 posts) -

All f*****g hackers must f*****g hang

#8 Posted by Blackjack9288 (316 posts) -
That game was a joke. So the hackers really don't surprise me much, sucks tho for the people that do try to enjoy the game.
#9 Posted by doesntcare (1219 posts) -

Ok about the patch. They are finally going to fix the rock glitch on the map Fuel lol. Yes the hacks are ridiculous, after the patch i may go back and finish getting the gold prestiges i am missing from weapons and what not, been 10th prestige long before hacks were so prevelant lol. Right now if you wanna play online FPS i would suggest MoH or BF:BC2 they are quite fun imo...

#10 Posted by Gue1 (11414 posts) -

hackers how? To hack MW2 you need CFW to patch the game and with the OFW 3.55 all the hacker's applications (even emulators) were rendered useless and there are no CFW to patch the new OFW. On top of that Sony blocked the DNA trick to sign in on PSN with older OFW versions so... Someone must be lying or you're talking about glitches and that has nothing to do with hackers. :|

#11 Posted by FloWeN-UK (693 posts) -

I'm pretty sure MW2 and Black Ops can be hacked without jailbreak, I have no idea how but thats what most people will tell you on here. I do believe they released a patch not long ago for black ops, which banned a crap load of people from the black ops servers. The Black Ops forums where hellva funny on that day.

#12 Posted by PreparationH123 (415 posts) -

I made a post about it about a month ago, dont even bother with the game until a patch or be prepared for the frustration. I've had people shoot once and headshot everyone in the server, speed hacks, aim bot, people with a killcam that showed them where all the enemy was, people you couldn't kill and etc.

Dont bother game is broke for now.