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#1 Posted by metzgerr (338 posts) -
what is the most played online game at the moment so i can get/play it right now
#2 Posted by master_of_nfs (73 posts) -

I think you've placed this in the wrong forum mate.

But if you wish to know, mines Guitar Hero 3, Burnout Paradise & Warhawk, all for the PS3.

#3 Posted by metzgerr (338 posts) -

i mean on the psp

#4 Posted by master_of_nfs (73 posts) -

You didn't mention that lol. I don't really play online PSP games anyways.

#5 Posted by metzgerr (338 posts) -
well i got my ps3 taken away and my 360 is in the shop so all i hav is my psp so i need a good game to sustain me for a month until gta4 (i get the ps3 back the day b4 gta, luckily)
#6 Posted by master_of_nfs (73 posts) -

I can recommend 3 decent games for the PSP, but none are online, they are Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions, Final Fantasy I & Final Fantasy II.

Like I said, I don't really play online PSP games, PS3 is a different story though lol.

#7 Posted by metzgerr (338 posts) -
thanks for the suggestion but i hav already beaten all of those games and i also have killzone but dats it
#8 Posted by master_of_nfs (73 posts) -
no idea what to suggest then lol
#9 Posted by metzgerr (338 posts) -
thanks anyway
#10 Posted by dadgamer (76 posts) -
Socom FTB2 has online and tons of players playing all the time. Played a bunch this weekend as a matter of fact. Probably gonna pick up a headset for it when I go get God Of War this week.
#11 Posted by vicdmx (428 posts) -

umm,,, well you already have killzone which has a nice online multiplayer well get Socom 2 it has more ppl than killzone and much more funner!


#12 Posted by DiabeticDood (4331 posts) -
Metal Gear Solid Protable Ops.
#13 Posted by bball_freak_2 (1609 posts) -
i play madden a bunch but peak hours onlyy get like 250-300 people total
#14 Posted by ff7cloudking (3161 posts) -
Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Sqaudron usually has a lot of people online
#15 Posted by Rizzutto12 (164 posts) -
medal of honor heroes 2