Logging on to someone else's ps4 with my account.

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So, If I logged on to someone else's ps4 will my digital downloads be on his ps4 if he doesn't have the game ?

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@rg3_optionzz: Yes, your games will be on your friends PS4. You can play them as long as you are signed in to your account. If your friend signs in to his account and then tries to play your games, he will be charged full price to unlock the game.

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@Videodogg: thanks Man great to know

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as far as i know you can download and play your games on two different ps systems... i have a few ps accounts as well (due to region restrictions) and i can use the game i bought on my secondary account also on my primary account without having to purchase the game again...

i used to live and work in different cities for a couple of years, so i had two ps3s, one in my home and one at my house where i was working and everything worked without any problems... the same should apply to ps4... :)