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I'm all excited about the new inter connectivity with the PS4 and the vita, but I have a problem, every time I sign in to PSN to do anything I keep getting booted back to the sign in screen. This only started after the newest update and basically I can't do anything related to online now on it. Anyone have any info?

No Google isn't very helpful here and nothing has come up yet that I can find in any search.

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No idea...maybe try unchecking your log-in options and then manually re-entering your log-in details.

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No good, tried that. It's not that I can't sign in. I can. But literally 3 seconds later every time I get booted and it goes back to the sign in screen. Getting kinda upset.

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@SemiMaster: Have you tried accessing the boot options for the Vita?

Going through the boot screen and restarting the system has helped me out with other odd troubles (like the system totally freezing).

Can you still access other online things like Youtube? If so it might be a good idea to take out your memory card and then format the Vita. You can reinsert your memory card after having gone through putting all the details in again.

Edit: If you can, take a video of everything you are doing from the point where you power the system on to the point where you get ejected from the store. It might not be a bad idea to approach Sony customer support with something like that.

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Looks like this issue has caught the attention of IGN. You might find this article relevant!