Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix - HELP!

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I've played Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (the HD Remix version) up until the boss fight against the giant gargoyle on the volcano (from Fantasia). Damn. Is. It. Hard. I was able to breeze through the rest of the game no problem (I'm playing on the easiest difficulty) but for the life of me, I can't beat this boss. The closest I was to beating him was getting him down to the olive green health bar. I stay behind his head and attack away. Then comes the fire blast, which I can't recognize a pattern or any indications it's coming until the last second, when it is too late.

I have Sora leveled up well and with the Olympia keyblade. I can provide specifics like what level I am and what equipment I'm using, if anyone is interested in helping.

Does anyone have any tips? When to know when he is about to use his fire attack? If there's a more suitable keyblade than Olympia (maybe the Oathkeeper)? Any bit of advice or help would be much appreciated.

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The game really should be a breeze on it's easiest difficulty setting.. My only guess is you're underleveled/geared and are lacking in some of the higher level spells.

Here's a few things you can get that should help a lot;

- If you can get back to hollow bastion, go to the library and talk to Belle a few times, she will give you the Divine Rose keyblade which has more attack more and critical hit rate. Although you might want to consider using Oathkeeper instead for the extra MP boost. The more MP you have in this game, the more the effect of Curaga has on you and the more you can use it.

- Also speak to Aerith in the same room a few times, she will give you the Curaga spell.

- Abilities such as MP Rage, MP Haste, Second Chance are all really useful, equip them.

- Go to the pirate ship world and open the door that has the yellow trinity. You find the spell Aerora(an upgrade to aero). If you haven't been using Aero already, now is the time to do so. It ups your defense by a massive amount for a temporary amount of time.

- Check your items for stat boosting items you may not have used yet. They're permanent stat boosts. I'd recommend using them all on Sora. Keep in mind that if you are on the easiest difficulty then the game automatically gives you a large amount of these stat boosting items a long with 2 accessories that will greatly benefit you.

- Consider going back to the arena world and doing the various tournaments. You'll get an insane amount of EXP and level up fast.

- For this boss in particular, maybe you should try equiping accessories that boost your fire resistance. If you have any.

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@Crossel777: Thanks for the tips. I think I can work my way back to the 100 Acre Wood portal in End of the World to gummi ship back to get that stuff from Hollow Bastion and level up some more through the tournaments. Thanks again.

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I played through the game on final mix and that single boss had me stumped for quite a bit. If you have them equip abilities like MP Haste, MP Rage and Leaf Bracer. Cast Aerora and Curaga on you as much as you can. He does have an attack pattern for his volcanic eruption, I can't remember off the top of my head but he does a particular animation which signals it is time to move away. Consider watching his attack patterns from afar for a bit. I mostly superglided and stuck to the side of his head for quick combos. Don't get button mashy heavy when attacking him as you might miss a signal for one of his attacks. It's tempting to squeeze in those extra attacks but patience is a virtue.