Killzone Shadow Fall or Battlefield 4

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I had Watch Dogs pre ordered for PS4, but now that it got delayed I'll be needing a new launch game. I'll do my own research and watch gameplay, but I'd like some opinions. If you could only get 1 at launch, would you get Killzone or Battlefield? Thanks!

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Honestly I would pick Killzone. Killzone will be a fantastic game all around I think. It's a first party game so the graphics will be very good, and it will have a much better single player than Battlefield. I also think Killzone will have a really good online multiplayer. So if you want a great single player game with a good multiplayer get Killzone. If you want a game for mainly multiplayer then get Battlefield. Hope that helps.

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I am getting both. I only have Killzone pre ordered though. I don't think you could go wrong with either to be honest.

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I am getting both. It really depends on what shooter you want, a "realistic" then BF, but KZ has it's sci-fi like appeal. I love both. Would probably choose KZ if i only could get one because its unique

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@jukev2424: killzone.... it is the only PS4 game that is truly a next gen launch game.

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I'm personally getting both. If I could only get one of the games and it wasn't launch I would pick Battlefield 4 over Killzone, however as others have said Killzone is one of only two truly next gen titles coming at launch for the PS4, the rest are enhanced ports of current gen titles, and IMO, if you're only going to buy games that can be bought on a platform you currently own there is no point getting it.

In short I'd recommend Killzone.

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As I stated in other post, Killzone will be my preference simply because of a better single player (not to mention almost three times longer) then Battlefield 4 or COD: Ghost. Online also was always pretty well done on previous titles. I spent well over 100 hours into Killzone 2 and little over 50 hours with Killzone 3.

All around solid package. Plus it's a first party game, visuals alone are breathtaking.

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Battlefield 4 without a doubt because the multiplayer will keep me playing for years to come.

But im getting both.

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Avoid BF4 it freezes constantly on the ps3 so who knows how terrible it will be on the PS4. So many issues it has completely ruined the game for me. It has locked my console up at least twenty times.

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@craigalan23 said:

Avoid BF4 it freezes constantly on the ps3 so who knows how terrible it will be on the PS4. So many issues it has completely ruined the game for me. It has locked my console up at least twenty times.

Yeah, I'm waiting on a few patches before touching the game again.

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Get both.

BF4 for the online multiplayer.

KillZone Shadow Fall for the singleplayer campaign.

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Say bf4 for sure. It is a next gen game it looks horrible on ps3 Xbox 360. It was ment for PC ps4 Xbox one. I haven't had any issues with bf4 on my ps3

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after seeing more videos, I am not getting BF and only getting KZ, the campaign looks awesome and i like the multiplayer. After 7 years of COD and BF online, KZ is the perfect shake up IMO.

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Killzone ! looks so good :)

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@craigalan23 said:

Avoid BF4 it freezes constantly on the ps3 so who knows how terrible it will be on the PS4. So many issues it has completely ruined the game for me. It has locked my console up at least twenty times.

Common sense dictates that the stronger console will have less problems running the game.

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Between those two I'd definitely get Killzone, but I'm also a fan of all the games so I've been looking forward to this since they announced it. Plus, KZ has always had a fun single player and multi-player mode while BF3 had an awful single player but good multi-player, so for value at least KZ has both game modes worth playing.

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Save your money. Neither of these titles are worth any money at launch. Not a penny.

Keep in mind I say 'at launch'. Later on, when the DLCs are already out, and the POS are
at reduced prices (their actual worth), then I'd maybe pick up one.

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i think i am getting every major fps out there for the launch, just for the campaign if not for the multiplayer, and i'll definitely check out drive club... :)

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How we supposed to know which is better offer when Killzone isnt ot yet

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I bought Killzone this morning because I think it really does look like a 'next gen' game. I think I'll be impressed by the graphics when I play it.

I also tend to prefer games with a decent single-player experience, and games with more fantastical qualities than realistic ones, so maybe my opinion is a bit biased. It's also first-party and exclusive, so it'll take good advantage of the hardware and it's something you can only play on a PS4.

I think the game will have some pretty decent multiplayer though - probably not as big of a community as Battlefield or COD, but I'm sure it'll be sizable.

If you want an FPS game mainly for multiplayer, go with Battlefield. If you want an FPS game that ushers in the next gen, get Killzone.

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Don't pay too much attention to comparison videos. They are so convoluted with altered resolution and brightness changes to favor the fan who made them..

Here is your solution..Dam , don't you love having these type of dilemmas???

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KZSF the environments look way better for sure.

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@kingoflife9 said:
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Just look how good BF4 looks in multiplayer.... make sure you put the video to 1080p

Wow, that was an impressive video, but I'm still going with KZ because it really shows off the potential of the PS4.

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I have an in depth BF4 multiplayer review here, if anyone is still undecided

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Just pick one and get the other later.

The single player campaigns on both are forgettable. The multiplayer on both seem to be excellent, and both MP experiences are different enough to not feel in any way redundant if you have both.