Is "The Phantom Pain" going to be better than TLOU?

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What do you think?

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Don't know why you would compare it to this game. It would make more sense to ask if it will be better than MGS 4, especially since you already want to compare it to a previous gen game.

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Yea, agreed with the previous guy, they're two different games and wouldn't make sense comparing them. However, if you're talking about the graphics, I would say TLoU (the remastered edition of course) for sure, though The Phantom Pain's graphics are not bad itself.

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MGS5 will be better graphically and will really broaden it's appeal with it's open ended approach, but the story can go over a lot of peoples heads and is more of a cult following, MGS really is a minority game, it isn't a massive seller, but the last of us is huge and the story is amazing, for a one of game it's spot on.

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i wonder if Bloodborne will be better than Madden 16 . what do you guys think?

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I wonder if World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor will be better than Need for Speed: Shift?

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I don't think you can compare the two

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classic Apples and Oranges !

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Yes. TLOU wasn't very good to me. I honestly didn't care for it.

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You can't compare the two but I think im going to like Phantom pain more.

@Flubbbs said:

i wonder if Bloodborne will be better than Madden 16 . what do you guys think?

Naw bro. I think Forza horizon 2 will be better then The division to be completely honest.