Is Need for Speed Rivals worth it?

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#1 Posted by Celtic_34 (1456 posts) -

Bought a ps4 with killzone and nba 2k14 recently. I was planning to just wait until drive cllub and infamous come out. But kind of getting bored and would like a racing game. It doesn't look that next gen though. I guess i could get ACIV or just hold onto my money?

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I recently bought NFS on PS4 (same as you, I had nothing to play and was getting bored). I'm not really a NFS fan but I'm enjoying it so far. There's lots to do and the racing can get pretty intense. If you're desperate like me, I think it's worth a buy. However, if it's between NFS & ACIV, I'd go AC.

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somewhat the same question, but with a limited use : I totally suck at driving (real life and games), but would like to only drive the car in nice sceneries with good music, is there a mode like this here? (even if just losing on purpose but with unlimited time, choosing my own tracks would be nice but I know the PS4 can't do that so I'll find another way)

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I got NBA 2k14, AC IV and Battlefield 4, i am considering getting NFS aswell.

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I am enjoying NFS rivals. The racing is super fun and it looks incredible. Black flag is amazing as well but like you said you want a racing game so I would go with Rivals. If you are a NFS fan than I wouldn't hesitate.

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I think it's a solidly good game

It's not great or amazing but overall it's a good game that anyone into the genre should be able to enjoy

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The game is amazing and It's a super easy Platinum. Intense gameplay as well

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@TheTenth10: you don't have to participate in races, you can just drive around, with the exception of cop chases, which happen if you are driving recklessly, which pretty much is the only fun driving way in an arcade, or you can switch to cop mode and drive around without chasing any racers... :)

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Quite a surprise game for me, I've always skipped NFS during the PS3 days for racers like DIRT or GRID or Gran turismo.

I enjoyed NFS during the PS2 era but not so much on PS3, but rivals is pretty good imo, it may come off as similar to previous installments but if this is your first NFS in 2 years or more, it would come off as a great game like it did to me.

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Once i learned how to play the game, i am really enjoying the game now. I got lost in the myriad of options and menus and was totally confused. Now that i know i need to find a safehouse after every race or event in order to save your SP points so you can progress in the game, things have become much more enjoyable. The graphics, speed, framerate, audio, gameplay are all top notch.

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This game looks to be bare bones of Burnout Paradise, which I played for over a year on PS3 when it first came out and made lots of good friends online. It had big parties of ppl playing online, a true living breathing city with lots and lots of cars, billboards, jumps and many types of races and missions to complete - Oh and did I mention you could play your own music while playing Paradise? This game had it all!! NFS just seems to be a pretty game that's missing more than half of what Paradise had... so for me I am going to skip this one and wait for Drive Club.